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Play the Raspberries TONIGHT! Game


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That later shot didn't look very good due to the club lighting that was up. There was a little green here, a little blue on this side, a little this and that. The flash filled in some, but not enough. It looked a bit strange. The NY shot had the spots up... that helped.

Let's do a few more shows so I can get everybody we missed. How about a 2007 tour book that supports a new CD? I'm all for it.

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We're on page 88 too! Still can't believe that Tom and I actually made it into the book! We're in the upper right, right in front of the stage in our white T shirts. Tom's face is partially obscured by a couple of fan's raised hands, but it's easy to tell that it's him.

Both Gene and Kay took wonderful pics of us in Atlantic City, and I didn't expect to have a chance of being in the book at all because they were already looking over a proof of the book in Atlantic City.

It's so much fun recognizing all the other fans in the photos, too!

Reliving so many wonderful memories of these beyond exciting thrilling Raspberries concerts and all the great incredibly nice fun people we met at them, including The Raspberries!

Thanks so much,

Joyce & Tom smilie

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