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What do you think of horn arrangements on With You In My Life?

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Well, the Dirty Dancing DVD collectors is out at Zellers store all ready, not the Ultimate, that's Tuesday. This is a one disc.

The collectors edition has one video from Eric on it and the Rightiuos Brothers and one more.

The Ultimate will have more Eric Videos on it.

The collectors sells here in Canada At Zellers

and Future shop for 18.00 Can.

Zellers is 2 dollars more.

For Canadian fans of Eric there you go , it's a


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Not my favorite berries song, but can appreciate the intent in making it.....giving it an "20s/30s"you will, just in the case of the Fab Four's "When I'm 64"/"Honey Pie", as well as Sopwith Camel's material, and the Monkees "D.W. Washburn". Jimmie Osmond's "Long Haired Lover from Liverpool" kind of fits in this concept as well.

Personally, I would have done the opposite of what everyone else wants........I personally would have added an additional trombone part, as well as clarinet and perhaps a banjo. Saxes would not work in this case.

Still, it would be interesting to hear the song in a stripped-down("unplugged")format,though.

As for other rock songs that use a tuba, the only one I can think of Rick Springfield's "Speak to the Sky".

But sometimes the oddball(by rock standards) instruments can make a difference in an already good song....such as bagpipes in "Long Way to the Top"(AC-DC) and the oboe solo in "Daydream Believer"(Monkees---which I originally thought was soprano sax.......)

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