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Raspberries' DVD....

Lawyer fan

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Simdonnaj, Forget the footage--go to New York and see him LIVE! You won't miss a Raspberries concert ever again!

smile --Darlene

I wish I could more than anything Darlene, but I take care of my granddaughter during the day, and my weekends are spent doing family things.

If you get to go to the NY show, blow a kiss to Eric for me please? smile

I am still wishing for the DVD...though I have to buy a DVD player, laugh

I better order two DVDs, I know I am going to wear them out.

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As Herman's Hermits used to sing, "Hold On!" Spring was a loose suggestion that floated around the pre-show party, but I'm not sure if that came from the Berries or a fan. Believe me, they'll do it. Maybe they want to make it a compilation of the best of the shows. Isn't it fantastic that there ARE shows?! When the DVD comes out, it will be like being there for those who couldn't make any of the live concerts. There will probably be some "backstage goodies" and candid hijinks. Maybe Summer is the best time for it to come out after all.

smile --Darlene

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