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Raspberries' DVD....

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When I was at the Cleveland Reunion Concert in November, someone just said "Spring." That most likely means pretty soon, unless the guys have been so busy with arrangements for upcoming shows. Better to have upcoming shows, right? I know that whenever they do it, it will be topnotch, because that's the way they do things. It *will* be VERY exciting!

smile --Darlene

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I must ask a question here. Did Fitzgerald make a reference to "second chances" that I'm not aware of (even though I've pretty much read everything of his I can get my hands on)? Aside from the fact that "The Great Gatsby" is pretty much all about trying for a "second chance," that is...

Fitzgerald is famous for having written "There are no second *acts* in American lives," a statement that has been misunderstood (from what *I* understand) ever since. What he meant to say is not that Americans get "one shot to make it" in life and, if they blow it, never get a second crack. What he meant was that, under normal circumstances, plays have three acts--the opening, the second act in which there is more plot and character development, and the final act that brings the conclusion. And what he was trying to say is that, as he saw it, American lives rush pell-mell from the opening to the conclusion without a whole lot of development going on in between.

Unfortunately, that's not how it's been understood...and ever since then about a kazillion newspaper and magazine article writers have started off their stories with "F. Scott Fitzgerald said 'There are no second acts in American lives,' but he never got to see the big comeback of Joe Schmoe..."

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I'm still wondering about the bizarre coincidence of the Bucyrus Erie Tractor Company being located on Raspberry Street in Erie, Pa....

I have been on intercity buses through Erie many a time (I used to go to college and, later, work in upstate NY), but only once in all that time did I actually see the Bucyrus Erie plant, and I remember how exciting it was...ha! (Although I have to say honestly now that I don't recall whether or not I noticed it was on Raspberry Street...it seems like a coincidence I would remember, though, if I noticed it.)

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Thanks for the clarification, MAM.

Tony...ugh...somehow that doesn't do it for me.

And Ted...where were you when the Eagles titled THEIR reunion album "Hell Freezes Over"?

I have noticed that at least a person or two has misquoted what I recall Eric saying in that regard. He has been quoted as having looked at the crowd during the first reunion concert and saying "I guess this is what it looks like when hell freezes over." Uh-uh. What he actually said was something like: "You know, we were going to call this 'Hell Freezes Over,' but the title was already taken...."

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