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Raspberries mention in CD Review


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Anybody hear this band?


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Entertainment Weekly

September 2, 2005


Oh No (Capitol)

These Chicago popsters hone their guitar pop down to a sharp edge on their second album, buffeting such romper-stompers as "Here It Goes Again" and "It's a Disaster" with meaty riffage and "hooray for rock" vocal harmonies. Students of the cunning pop majesty of the Cars and the Raspberries, OK Go aren't out to change the world, but their sturdy hand-clappers deserve to be recognized for what they are: fresh slices of power-chord sunshine. B+ --Marc Weingarten

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Yes. OK Go is cool, in a riffy-pop, rock anthem sorta way. The big tune from their first release was called "Get Over It," which, to me, sounded a lot like J. Geils Band's "Love Stinks" without all the squiggly synths.

Basically, you could call it power pop with an emphasis on the power....

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