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Rolling Stone: Letters to the Editor


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Badfinger Barb, Good guess. That would also be mine. The problem with Rolling Stone, is they're so tied in with generating cd sales. All those mags are powered by stimulating cd sales and feed the fire for the current hip-hop, rap whatever. They're into whoever is putting out the kind of new music people are buying right now. Don't worry, our time will come.

smile --D

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I got tired of waiting for Jonathan Ringen (Managing Editor of Rolling Stone) to call me, so I called him back. We had a brief discussion about the merits of the 'berries and Rolling Stone's ignorance. In his words the reunion "deserves more attention than it has been getting", and that there would be something coming out advertising all major NYE shows. I don't know how they expect to get this out to the public before next week, maybe they'll do it on their on-line version.

I asked him whether there would be anyone covering the show for a review (I even volunteered to do it myself!), and he said, though he couldn't promise it, there was something in the works for a review on all major NYE show's, and that the 'berries show would fit in there somewhere.

Finally I told him that I didn't understand how Rolling Stone could give Motley Crue's reunion more attention than the 'berries' reunion. He laughed, and said, "Yes you're right. The Raspberries are an important and influential band, and I thank you for bringing this show to my attention." I told him I'd call him back after the NYE show to touch base again.


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Marvin and everyone,

This just shows what is wrong today with music. It is a corporate entity that just wants money over substance. When a sythesized pop piece of garbage like Britney whatever her name is can get coverage everytime she sneezes and musicians such as Raspberries, or even new musicians who are influential such as Chuck Prophet get ignored by a "major" magazine such as Rolling Stone, it just goes to show that they too, have now become corporate prostitutes.

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Answer to the Paul Schaefer Question:

What band does he credit with his passion for music...and what band member does he specifically credit with becoming a successful musician?

Answer: The Dave Clark Five and Mike Smith in particular.

When Dave had his heart attack...Paul filled in...and dedicated a show to Mike Smith and the Dave Clark Five. He had Smith on the show leading the band. He raved on and on about how he worshiped Smith and the DC5. It was because of Mike Smith's "cool..hip" way of standing at the organ that Schaefer took up the organ. In fact he mentioned that when he first started playing...he tried to play entire gigs standing with his legs spread to try to mimic Smith.

It was quite an honor for Smith.


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