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Rolling Stone: Letters to the Editor


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I sent this letter to Rolling Stone today:

"I don’t get it. THE originators of power-pop, Raspberries, reunited (after 30+ years) for a show in Cleveland on November 26th, with nary a mention in the hallowed pages of Rolling Stone. The band is following this up with a New Year’s Eve show and still your magazine refuses to pay them any due. Once upon a time there was an audience that used to wait eagerly for each new issue of your magazine, but we gave up a long time ago when you became more concerned about fashionable trends than music that really mattered. Come on Rolling Stone, prove to me that you’re not only concerned with the ‘flavor of the day’, and give some coverage to THE MUSIC EVENT OF THE YEAR.


Marvin Matthews"

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I love Marvin and I don't care who knows it!

Bob Allen

PS - We had a large color blow-up of the RS 'Starting Over' review in our apartment that was issued to record stores to promote the record (those whose memories date back to '74 will recall that amazing review, bittersweet as it was...).

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Marvin, Bernie, anyone...

feel free to use any quote I've posted as "From the editor of 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' magazine"...

we're small but respected amongst some circles of hip-dom...

if RS sees that the "hip underground press" is behind the band, it really helps legitimize it... Yes, it's a sad state of affairs when RS can't figure it out on their own.... or see that they once--however fleeting--cared about the band...

but I think we have to remember that the Raspberries have been gone for 30 years and the only thing RS sees is that it was Eric Carmen's old band...

On the surface, there's nothing quick and obvious about its need for coverage because Eric has become so deeply associated with mainstream adult pop music and not rock and roll... For those unaware of who and what the Raspberries were, it will come as a huge surprise...

i will also try--when i have time--to send RS my own 2 cents... I just sense it will be like pissing in the wind... the only thing that will change RS's mind is if they actually see the band-- in NYC or LA....

and they should do a tour with the likes of Cheap Trick (not Grass Roots or Turtles) so that their legitimacy is taken seriously and not as a "soft" oldies act...

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