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A tip on how to download/save the Holiday Gifts


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Hi everyone-

I thought I could help and share this software tip again on how to download/save the audio gifts underneath the tree on Christmas morning from Bernie.

There is a small freeware PC program called 'CacheSort"; the link for the download is below.

Download and run the program after you have found all of the gifts and played them. When you run Cachesort, a folder icon will show in the taskbar as it sorts all of the images, audio files, movie files, etc. that have been recently played on your system. After you give the program a few minutes to sort the files out, right click on this folder icon in the taskbar, and choose 'Explore Sorted cache'. It will open the folder with the cache files: then open up the MP3 folder. All of the files (5 from Christmas day) should be in the folder.

Also -- this same program works for the audio and video files in the Multimedia section.

Thanks Bernie, for the holiday gifts once again.



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Unfortunately for Mac owners, there is not a version of CacheSort for us. I've purchased QuickTime Pro, and Tubesock, which do a great job, but are useless on this site's and The Raspberries video section. Anyone have a suggestion for what software/shareware or download might be effective on a Mac?

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