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Bad News....


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It is my opinion that Eric's music has nothing to do with the incident that is being discussed here. I'm mad as hell!! I, too, have young drivers on the road, like others who have posted their comments at WKYC.com and it scares me to death!! I send them off to work, to school, to play softball or visit friends, etc. and pray they will return safely. IT'S NOT OK TO DRINK AND DRIVE -- PERIOD!! I don't really care how much you're in love with Eric or his music or how much his music has touched your lives -- HE NEEDS HELP!! Tough love is hard, but that's what he needs right now, and I pray to God he gets it. I pray for his family, too. That's it.

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I have been a supporter of Eric's since 1973. I will continue to do so and hope that he gets all the help that he needs. People with problems are not necessarily bad people. I have more than my share of shortcomings.

What I don't get is the concept of people thinking that someone with two DWIs most likely only drove in that condition *twice*. That sounds absurd to me.

Also, less than 2 years after the first DWI, the thought that a someone blowing 3 times the legal limit has no problem but is just a person "letting their hair down" is startling.

One of my close friends just got arrested last week for forging prescriptions over a 10 month period. The first thing that he told me when he bailed out was, "I don't have a problem."

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I say leave the man alone. The last thing you want is notiourity. I know the hours don't jive but for example just about everybody that comes out of a bar at closing would blow over the limit. He was just caught, he's famous, he's under the Cleveland microscope. The mistake is judgement, don't leap to a problem. Millionaires should take limos or taxis, agreed. Good people can let there hair down certain nights, shouldn't drive, but doesn't mean any problem.

I don't begin to have enough facts to even make a judgement, until so, I support Eric, he made a mistake, doesn't mean he has a problem.

I agree 100% with you Steve!


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I spent part of the day listening to some of my favorite EC tunes just to remind myself what a f--king songwriting genius we are yelling at/supporting/defending/tough-loving...

It makes you pause and realize what happiness he has given us, and care for and root just a little bit harder for the guy to get through/conquer whatever he's going through with flying colors.

I know others have said similar things here more

elequently, but it's harder when you are a sarcastic bastard like me...

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I'm sorry, but I have to agree with those who say that this is a problem.

While I am as disgusted as anyone else by the behavior being exhibited by some of the less responsible media and their annoying Greek chorus of commenters, I am not mad at "the Cleveland media" about this. They were only doing what anyone would expect to be done when a celebrity does this--especially a local one. Sorry, but that's the way it is. No one in journalism draws a kind curtain of privacy over a situation like this. It's not in the nature of journalism, nor should it be. It's not all about ratings or sales; it's about telling about, well, what happened. No lies were told here, from what I can see. Did we need video? Or mug shots on TMZ? No. But when you're a celebrity in this era, that's what you get. Don't want 'em? Don't do the deed.

Now. I need to talk here first as a person who lives here, and then second as a fan and as a person who cares about Eric.

First, for me, "Chagrin Boulevard" is more than a funny or strangely appropriate name. It's the street on which the employer of one of my sisters is located. She works not far from where Eric cracked up Tuesday night. Fortunately, on Tuesdays, she works until 7, and it takes her a little time to get out of the place and get in her car and drive home.

Were that not the case, she could have been the victim of this accident, instead of that fire hydrant.

Imagine me having to try to live with that knowledge--that the man whose music I grew up listening to, and loving so much, climbed into a car one night and killed my sister, who also loved his music. Imagine my other sisters having to live with that too. Imagine my cousin (many of you met him last December, along with one of my sisters, although not the one I speak of here) having to live with that.

Imagine Eric having to live with that.

It would be horrible enough to have to live with that kind of death without knowing that my favorite singer and songwriter was responsible.

Of course, when I say this, I acknowledge that it would be equally awful for him to have struck and killed anyone else.

OK, now that my personal selfishness is out of the way, let's talk about Eric.

Eric, you do know that you got very, very, very lucky the first time, and so did everyone else? And this time, you got even luckier, and so did everyone else? That it's a bloody miracle that the only thing you decapitated was a fire hydrant? That the only thing lying in pieces all over the road was the Range Rover? Not someone else? Not yourself?

I talked about what I might have had to live with. What about you? What about your wife? What about your kids? What about everyone else who loves you?

Do you think you'll get this lucky a third time? Do you want to take the chance? Frankly, I don't think the state of Ohio will let you.

I said what I said in the first part of this message because I not only have zero tolerance for drunk driving, but because when you drive drunk on a road like Chagrin Boulevard, you put skin in the game for me. But I also care very much about you.

Call me crazy, but I would not be the least bit surprised if some of this didn't have to do with losing your dad. Oh, believe me, I know the name of this tune. You lost your father slowly and painfully; I lost my mother quickly and suddenly and unexpectedly. Both ways stink. And they leave holes the size of the Grand Canyon in a life. And we can try to fill those holes with some pretty dangerous things. (I could tell you stories. But this isn't about me now, it's about you.)

Whatever personal demons you are dealing with, though, I have only one thing to say about them, really: Get help.

One time was bad; two times is very bad. Something is going on here, and it's not just a case of "just about everybody that comes out of a bar at closing would blow over the limit." (And if they do, THEY shouldn't be on the road, either.)

There is a problem here. There is a disconnect. Please make the connection, and take the steps to solve it. You will have the 100% support of everyone who cares about you, me included.

Please, let us know you're doing this, too. We need to know.

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Well said Trindy!

I just saw the video, complete with the brain dead banter of the hosts on cnn headline news, who see much comedy in this.

Hard to watch, but since I have been there, I can relate.

I'm not proud, but that situation turned my life around!

Whatever the reason, let's all remember how accesseible, and accomadating Eric was for his fans in (at least in my case) New York & Cleavland.

It's time to let him know that this transends hit records and reunions, and that we will be here for him unconditionally.

Do we condone waht happened? Of course not!

Come on Eric, it's time. What do you need? Can we help at all?

Just name it, someone here will provide.


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It is very apparent from Eric's posts that he believes in personal accountability. Also remember he finally kicked that bad smoking habit. That took a lot of strength and conviction.

He has another important battle to fight, but I have every expectation that he will be resolute and victorious, and will fully appreciate the spectacular future that awaits him.

We all love you, Eric.


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As I said in my first post, and Steve so eloquently put it, a lapse in judgment, and that can happen to any of us at any time. Even more than once.

It's heartwarming to know so many people love Eric enough to pour their heart out and show loving support.

Beyond that, as Muzza said, I feel privacy needs to be respected and speculation is totally inappropriate.

smile --Darlene

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A lot of speculation about why this has happened. A couple of blowouts, or symptomatic of a bigger problem? Only Eric knows.

Something that has to be considered (that hasn't been mentioned). Eric is a man of great sensitivity. He would have to be, as evidenced by his music. It's one of the things I love most about him. And, as Kathy Lee pointed out, at times we can see the depth of his empathy. Combine with his intelligence, and you have a very deep and complicated person. Someone who sees more than most, feels more than most, cares more than most. Sometimes it really does 'hurt too much'. And sometimes you just have to have a release from it.

This in no way excuses the actions. Just something to consider when looking at the situation and the man.

We're all rooting for you, Eric. Take care, my friend. Kirk.

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We all have our opinions here, and of course we could all be off base or on the mark. Truth is, none of us know what is really happening. Yeah I love Eric' music, and yes it's played a big part in my life, but just like Raspberries4ever, I certainly don't know the depth of the man's personality to say that "I love him" or that "I adore him." Sorry, but for all the love that I feel for the man's music, there is ZERO excuse for getting behind the wheel in his condition.

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All of you please get a life...it's music..he's a brilliant soul...you loved him to death when you were getting what you wanted (from him and the guys)...now let the man deal with a mistake...yes, it's very sad and difficult, but give the guy a break! As they say "the mistake is punishment enough!!" How do you think the guy feels??

He deserves unadulterated support!

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People who post here are fans of Eric's. That does not mean that they check independent thinking at the door. People who give their opinions on an unfortunate thing that happened with Eric means they don't have a life? Driving while you are drunk can have tragic consquences...not everyone has to have the same opinion that you do.

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Sorry, Mate, you're missing the point. There is no question (or debate about DUI)...tend to yours....he will figure his out....all I'm saying, is at time of great challenge...these diatribes are pointless (and sad). I am not a "poster" but this has been very disturbing.

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