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Bad News....


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Anna, it is totally understandable that this is a tough subject to tackle for you due to your sister's problem and it's tough for all of us on many different levels. don't feel badly - everyone wants the best possible outcome for eric and his family, as well as all of our affected family members or selves.

that's why we're family - we don't run away in the face of adversity. We band together and respect each other's opinions and values.

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This is truly heartbreaking. It's a bag of mixed emotions. I just watched my Idol humiliate himself in public.

Thank God he didn't kill some innocent person, or himself.

This now being the second time he's tempted fate.

I have heard through others here that Eric is still grieving the loss of his Dad. I understand that completely.

What I don't understand is how he's such a proud Dad, why would he want his children to grieve him?

Eric wrote " You've got money, you've got fame, you've got coast to coast acclaim, you've got everything a man could ever want, everything.

That's about Eric, in my mind anyway.

I'm not a judge, and I don't judge people. Yes, it's absolutely insane to get behind a wheel while you've been drinking, because most of the time you never wind up killing yourself, but someone else. Eric, we love you, we support you.

But please don't make Clayton grow up without a Dad. You know he deserves better.

Tonight I will pray for Eric Carmen. Please Eric, take care of yourself before it's too late.

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I believe the first step toward any recovery is the acceptance of the problem and issue.

The next step is asking for help.

Eric, find the courage and tap into your inner strength to move forward in your life. Your family, friends and fans love you and only want the best for you.

Make it happen and please remember, we are all with you, every step of the way.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Whatever demons you are dealing with Eric, I hope and pray you and your family can work together to resolve this. I wish there were the perfect words to express my feelings that would help you overcome whatever issues you are dealing with. Please know that all of us love you very much, and are praying for you.

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Whose all for living in denial and pretending this didn't happen a second time?

Tony, that would be nice if it could make everything go away.

This is sad on many levels. I'm no Doctor but most alcoholics suffer from severe depression.

Is it really possible that Eric has just sunk into a deep depression over his Father's passing? I wasn't around when that happened, but what else would cause him to do such irresponsible acts? Was he drinking heavily like this before his Dad passed?

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First of all, when I heard the news, I really thought this was some kind of a mistake. After all, one of the Florida newspapers passed off a Chicago Tribune story from six years ago(United Airlines declaring Chapter 11), as it if it was current news.

I thought the newspapers did a similar kind of shenanigans with the old Eric story.

Of course, I am a bit disappointed. And a lot has been said from all of you, and I don't want to be redundant.

But I do think there is another thing we should look at......it doesn't seem to be a case of the usual deal, of just hard partying, or due to depression......the pattern is way different than other cases I've known concerning DUIs--being it either my friends, or other celebrities.

This is not a typical case, here.

Maybe there is an underlying physical cause.

My guess is that diabetes may be involved, here.

Of course, your system, using your natural insulin supply, takes care of sugar. However, starch---and alcohol---are processed in the body similar to sugar.

Diabetics do get thirsty when your body is going against the sugar and carbs in your system. So what do you do? Drink...because you are dehydrated. And if the drink is alcoholic, it kind of continues the vicious cycle.

Many people that never had diabetes when they were young, all of a sudden get it in their 60s, due to dietary, hereditary, environmental, or other reasons. That's what happened to my dad. And it could have happened to Eric, though we don't know for sure.

Just a thought.

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Don't know if it was mentioned... but the story and video made CNN. I'm sure the video and all reports are public information. As far as making him go through the tests... it would look bad for the cops in court if they didn't. Probably standard protocol short of endangering the person.

I lost two friends this past week. One kept right on smoking after a quad-bypass five years ago. He was 52. He died in his sleep. His heart quit. My other friend just bought a new sports car and a new house. He drank himself to death. He died in his sleep. He was 54. In the months prior, his wife had enough and left.

The way I figure it, and it is none of my business... but what the heck, Eric has two choices... get better or die. Got that? Stop it or you're going to die.

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Pretty powerful, Gene. If I were Eric, I would have straightened up in my office chair after reading that...

One wonders which way Eric is thinking right now:

1. "It's just another slip up. My problem is really not as bad as it looks."

Or like Gene says:

2. "I better change right now or I'm gonna lose my family and maybe my life..."

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I just want to say a few things on this matter.

First,and foremost, to Eric and his family - I think this is a very personal and private matter. At this point, I don't dare make any presumptions as to how or why this situation came to be. As an R.N. who has worked previously in the area of substance abuse, I can only hope that proper help and support services be sought out, not only for Eric, but also for his family, to be able to deal with this unfortunate situation in the healthiest manner possible.

Second, as a fan, I just hope Eric realizes how he has touched our lives - in ways not even imaginable to some- through the gift of his music. I know we are all guilty of putting Eric up on a pedestal. But I think Eric himself said it best:

"But perfection is consuming"

"And it seems we're only human after all".

Eric, I hope the love and support of your fans will touch you also, and in turn help provide you with the strength to seek any treatment necessary for your physical and emotional well-being. My prayers go out for your full recovery.

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Well, we all know life isn't fair and it certainly isn't easy. Everyone has his/her own insecurities, imagined problems and actual problems. Everyone has conflicts with relatives, spouses, ex-spouses, kids, mothers, fathers, roommates and our own psyches. If I didn't hate the taste of alcohol I'd probably go out in the car once a year and do the same thing. When I get frustrated, I've been known to yell, "I'm leaving!" and go out shopping for a long time. Unfortunately, lately, I usually hit the cream cheese and crackers and gain 5-7 pounds in a *short* time.

We all have issues from time to time--that's life, but not all issues are "demons," although we all have our private demons too.

I'm very sorry this happened to Eric, but it could really happen to any of us, or at least MOST of us, if we really think about it. If cream cheese were booze, I'd be considered dangerous in my community.

I'll put my money on the bet that it's an isolated situation that happened twice. It reminds me of an especially difficult time when my mind wasn't on my driving and I had two fender-benders within a week of each other. Rather embarrassing, but not indicative of a serious problem. This is news for a day, but nobody will remember it. All By Myself and Boats Against the Current *will* continue to be remembered all over the world as Eric Carmen songs, and that's what people will remember about Eric.

Eric, Dave, Wally and Jim are always in my prayers that they should enjoy the best of health and find success. This could happen to anyone and I just offer Eric my best wishes that everything turns out well for him.

smile --Darlene

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I have tried to resist commenting here. I get great pain from reading this and thinking about Eric, His lovely wife and children.

As many of you know Kiwi and I had the thrill and pleasure of meeting Eric and Susan at WAB last year. They are both wonderful people.

I join in your anger at the way this has been publicised and whilst I understand the comments made I also wonder how much we will add to Eric and his family's pain by what we say. Let's be careful we don't create a greater "guilt" burden on him. Let's be careful we don't in a way do what the news media has done in scrutinising Eric's life in public with the comments and speculation we make. As has been well said this is a very personal thing and I want to let them all deal with it in private and as much dignity as possible.

I'm sure you know someone who has been drunk and was totally incapable of actually making a good decision. I know we are horrified at what could have happened but let's also acknowledge the impairment to judgement alchohol can bring before we point the finger too strongly at Eric.

For me, I just hope nothing I've said here or in the past like "when are we going to get another concert" or What about some new songs" has added to the pressure on Eric's life.

He has been gracious enough to share his children's achievements with us. It is obvious he loves them dearly. Let's be gracious enough to support him and his family unconditionally.


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Very well said, Muzza. I don't want to say too much except that to tell Eric that last Nov. 30th when I got to meet him, it was a thrill of a lifetime for me. I'm very sad, I feel like this has happened to a dear friend. I do not want to pass judgement, but just know that I'm praying for you and your precious family! Godspeed!

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This is a multi-pronged problem for Eric. And only he & his family know all the truth/details. Ultimately, the truth shall set him free.

IMO - It would be unfair for me to judge the reason(s) why this and the other DUI occurred. It's tough for me to say that, with eight alcoholics throughout three generations of my family.

I can only pray that both DUI accidents were simply just bad choices, and that Eric uses them as learning experiences.

One of the hardest things to do, is to find the blessing given to us by the Source/God/Universal Power, in the most devastating moments. There IS IS IS a blessing in this for Eric. I choose to send Good Vibrations to him, in hopes that he finds it.

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Heroes are human.

Problem is, a lot of our heroes are dead.

Eric, I have been drunk many a time in my past. I quit cold turkey several years ago. Tough, but I never regretted it. I miss it sometimes....but never regretted it.

For awhile I thought I could beat the system by taking a cab. But, I was just fooling myself and nobody else. True, a hazard was off the road, but my life was going the wrong way.

Gene is right: fix the problem or you will die. Maybe not now, but sooner than you'd like to.

You are too good of a man and human being to fall into this trap.

Get it together! You owe it to yourself and your family.

Forget the fans, the songs, the past. Live for your kids' tomorrow. You have a daughter to walk down the aisle some day. You'll have grandkids someday. Believe me (I started younger than you), weddings and grandkids are even better than you can ever imagine.

Take it from a fellow Brush High grad, the days of cruising around boozed up disappeared with high school. We are all lucky to have survived those times.

You may or may not have a problem, only you know this for sure. But I will tell you this: you cannot drive safely when you are at triple the legal limit. You could have killed someone, maybe even yourself. In any case, that would be an irreversible event.

A lot of fans are forgiving you and are mad at the police and the press. That is a load of crap: you screwed up and you must never let this happen again.

I have been a fan of yours for years, and still am. But Eric, you gotta get it together before something really bad happens.

You have had a wonderful life. Maybe not exactly what you hoped for, but thousands of times better than most of us. In this there is no doubt.

So celebrate your successes and forget about what might have been (or whatever is eating at you).

I'd love to see you in concert again. I'd love to see the Raspberries again. But that pales in comparison to you being well, healthy, and alive. I would rather see you happy and sober than to ever see you perform again. Of course, I'd certainly take both!!! You have got to put yourself, your family, and your health and well being, ahead of everything else.

Several of the posters are mad about the publicity. Too damn bad: nobody but you made this happen and nobody but you can fix it.

Good luck. You gotta be tough on yourself and get through this.

Best wishes. You are my hero for your music, now you need to be your own hero for your lifestyle.

You can do it!

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I need to add a little to my previous post, in response mainly to Darlene's comments which I just now re-read.

Cream cheese is NOT booze, Darlene. I have no knowledge of anyone ever being injured due to an overdose of cream cheese. And I will gladly take your "bet" that these are 2 isolated incidents. What do you think the odds are that someone drinks heavily twice in 18 months and gets caught both times? Take it from a former drinker....the odds are very small. I literally drove impaired many dozens of times in my life and never got a single DUI. I was lucky to never be stopped, and even luckier to have never hurt anyone (or any property). I wasn't smart, wasn't good, I was just plain lucky. Just like most drinkers are. Thank God I quit before something terrible happened. But to get caught twice in 18 months? Sounds like a real problem to me.

I have no beef at all with you, you are truly one of the greats on this website and in life. But, in my opinion, we do not serve any useful purpose by pooh-poohing this away as some fluke. If Eric has a problem he needs to get help. If we, as his "friends" are too forgiving, there may be opportunity lost to seek assistance.

I saw Ringo earlier this year in San Diego. Sober, sprightly, positive on life. But he could have been another Keith Moon. He reached a juncture in his life when he made a choice, and he took the high road. I hope Eric chooses to do the same.

This is a tough issue. Some will think I am way out of line. But if you love someone, I think you need to do what you can to effect positive change.

So much for my thoughts...it is late and I am going to bed...sober and very sad about this most unfortunate turn of events for someone we all love and admire.

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A lot of fans are forgiving you and are mad at the police and the press.

Maybe it's me, but I haven't seen one 'fan' on here forgive Eric for this, nor do I see anyone being mad at the Police.

The Police did their job, they were professional,they didn't do anything to hurt Eric or embarass him.

In fact they were pretty much as polite and respectful as one could hope.

As for the media they're another story. As for Eric, his fans love him, and wish he'd get some counseling, and pray this is the last time something like this happens. Next time, the story could be tragic.

Believe me, no one on here is thrilled about this, and almost all of us treat Eric like family. He's NOT getting a free pass on this.

There's just NO excuse for this, but many times in families people screw up and you have to offer up some tuff love.

The video of Eric was heartbreaking and sad, but at least the news didn't read like this:

Eric Carmen, the voice of the Raspberries was killed last night after the SUV he was driving in flipped over several times and threw him from the vehicle.

An autopsy showed his blood alcohol level to be three times over the limit.

Mr. Carmen leaves behind a wife and two children and many heartbroken fans. Funeral arrangements have not been made yet.

Scary but real. That's what we could have woken up to. Thank God Eric was given another chance to not let this happen. Thank God Eric didn't hurt someone else and cause some innocent family to grieve.

Anyone remember the movie 'Scared Straight'?

We're Eric's fans and friends, and Friends don't let friends drive drunk.

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