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Bad News....


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This is America:

TMZ - EXTRA EXTRA - ET - MTV - Fluff piece about recovery with family in PEOPLE - DR PHIL - OPRAH - Reality Show Offer(Declined, Thank you) - "What? You've been writing some new songs? - NEW RECORD DEAL - CD - GRAMMY!

This could turn out to be a good thing...

One step at a time, of course. pray

Tony, I'm with you all the way... not to make lite of a tragic situation; but let's hope that it all works out for Eric's, his family's, and our best interests... as they intersect...

EC, you know we all love 'ya and are in your corner... not condoning your ill-advised action, but not gonna condemn you or disown you because of what happened either. We're all only human and none of really knows what transpired that night... aside from what the sensationalist media has shown...

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Tony Carmill stated:

Member # 24

posted September 10, 2008 06:52 PM

...."I hope EC comes back here to get some support, tough love and squash some of those rumors being spread by the right-wing neo-con 527 groups and Freakin' Canadians!"

Tony, you know how much I truly enjoy your posts but I must confess, I am 'put off' to say the least about what you mean about "Freakin' Canadians??" I do not know to what you refer, but please don't make it such a personal attack and lump us all into one category...you *NEVER* see me *dissing* on my neighbours to the South. Feel free to pm me regarding this as I definately "DO NOT" wish for it to 'interfer' with the current thread.


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I am saddened to hear this about Eric again. My heart goes out to him and his family. I hope he gets the help he needs.

This isn't something that can be put on hold to deal with. Eric is a very intelligent person and I think he's smart enough to figure out that it's time to fight his demons.

Take care Eric and just know that we are all here for you when you need us.


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Marc, firstly congrats on 24 years of being sober, but I have to respectfully disagree with you only a little bit.

The AMA has given formal recognition to the disease concept since 1956. Their recognizing alcohol dependence and other addiction as an ilness is based on the following:

- The illness can be described

- The course of the illness is predictable and progressive

- the disease is primary, that is, it is not just a symptom of some other underlying disorder, although I would argue presence of underlying psychological issues..or as you put it a disease centered in the mind

- it is chronic

AA/NA has done incredible work over the past 75 years or so. But not everyone responds to the Steps, or meetings, or sponsors. Also, I feel, one benefits from a combination of 12-step AND individualized therapy, cognitive-behavioral being very successful. Intervening on abuse sometimes is easier than getting to the core issue as to why one medicates himself to the detriment of all that is good in his life.

This will not be an easy road, as anyone who is in recovery or loves someone who is in recovery can attest.

I will tell you one thing Marc, the "rooms" are some of the most spiritual places I've ever been and that is a good thing.

Keep up the great work.


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I have a sister who is an alcoholic and my family and I have been trying to do everything we can to get her help. When all this started, I kept saying, " how can it be so hard to just stop drinking, when your life and family are on the line?" It is mind boggling.

Is it as easy as poor judgement?

I don't think so.

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Yes--that's what I meant--it is very poor judgement to drink and drive.

My point was that maybe he's not an alcoholic and maybe he can stop anytime, but just doesn't want to.

I've had several family members who drank enough to appear to be alcoholics (my mom, for one) but weren't. They eventually just stopped drinking with no problem.

Also, I do think drinking to make yourself feel better or forget is a problem in itself--alcoholic or not.

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Just so everyone knows...This is big news in Cleveland...There are ALOT of idiots on the forums at WKYC and the other stations blogs. ALOT of jealous people in this city. I would not waste my time reading these idiots siting behind a computer in their miserable existence while spewing stupidity and jealousy.

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Steve, it's cool for the clarification of Tony's post but I already now realize he was makin a 'funny'...I just wanted to part of the inside joke so I could laugh along too! Already messaged him to let him know .....it's allll good baby!! You are not going to tell me there is something wrong with me seeking a lil clarity instead of jumping to the wrong conclusions is there??? I just don't always 'clue in' as quickly with Tony..and I am probably not the only one...his humor is wickedly delightful!

So for the record, I have no probs, and this is now ...over, done with, gone happy

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