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Interesting - To identify Eric, the media has seemed to focus on "Hungry Eyes". Several outlets have mentioned "Overnight Sensations", yes, with an "s". Weird. Very little mention of GATW. I wish they would point out that he co-wrote "Almost Paradise" and then bootstrap that with Hungry Eyes to portray him as a movie composer/singer. They should then top it off with total credit for ABM. If it's newsworthy that Eric's been arrested, then by golly, tell the folks who he is. smile

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I hadnt been here in a while and just found out about all this.

First, It totally sucks to lose your dad, mine died after over a year in the hospital battling lung cancer from smoking 4 packs a day. It still hurts 10 years later, but I think about him and try to make him proud every day. Whenever I say the Lord's prayer, "our father who art in heaven" gets me everytime. It's a pain that will never end, and can't hide from it with drugs or booze. I hope that if this is the case you can find a way to make peace with his passing.

Second, maybe it's time to get back to work on music seriously! Maybe spending the hours daily struggling with writing will help you occupy the empty hours. You certainly have enough things to write about.

Everyone here cares about your well being, reading this thread felt like an intervention in progress.

I hope you find the strength to fight this and rally to even greater heights, while I might have stirred the pot a lot in the past, this is no time to be throwing darts. My best friend's father was an alcoholic, and his kids never had a real relationship with the man until he stopped drinking, at which point he became the loving father to his already grown children, I hope you don't miss the chance with yours. If you can't kick the habit for yourself, do it for your kids. Don't worry about public opinion, it's what's inside you that counts. You are about to embark on the toughest journey of your life, and I wish you the best. If you had the strength to become a performer and suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, I know you have it in you to kick the bottle. Best Wishes, Mike

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If Eric's brother gets him off 'not guilty' it just shows his craftiness as an Attorney, and if I were in trouble i'd probably want a Lawyer that could do just that for me.

But to get Eric off on a Not Guilty plea doesn't do him any good. No lesson learned. If Eric really wants to show some courage he should plead guilty as charged, face the 'Music', and make the necessary changes to fix his life.

I don't ever want to minimize anything that Eric is going through because whatever is bothering or troubling him is really bringing him close to the edge.

After my terrifying cancer ordeal, every single day is precious to me. Thank God my time hasn't come, and hopefully it won't be for a long time. So it sometimes makes me wonder why someone like me fights to hang on to my life and someone like Eric who has it all wants to throw it away.

Eric puts himself in danger, and innocent people in harm's way every single time he picks up a martini glass or a bottle or whatever. That's never good, no matter what is ailing you. That's why there is professional counseling, so you don't get depressed and tie one on, then use a vehicle as a weapon.

I'm an Eric Carmen fan just like everyone else here, and as fans we all have a right to express ourselves constructively. Yes, people are very angry with Eric for many reasons. But I feel that's only because we are concerned for him on a personal level.

Eric isn't coming on to read this thread only to say to himself "wow, look what Beatnut said, or "look what Trindy said" they're right, I need help. No, Eric already knows that himself, and people a lot closer to him than all of us have already pleaded their cases to him.

This is where we all come to give Eric his dose of tough love, or his dose of compassion and support. Eric knows that we all love him and we're here for him.

Most of all we come here because we need to selfishly believe that Eric isn't sabotaging our future concerts on us. That he's not going to never let us hang out with him again, or not let us hear his voice again.

The truth is as much as we love him, we still don't want him to leave us, musically, or physically. And there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

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Hi Darlene, and thanks, I do come by and lurk every couple weeks still, and try and keep up with the posts:) I was hoping this was an old post at first, dragged up, sad to see it's not the case. Too many of my favorite artists have self destructed too young.

Eric, if you never read it, get Johnny Cash's biography Man In Black. Sobering stuff, great read.

He made it thru the demons and became even stronger thru his work. That's what you need to do, start the woodshedding and write your way thru your problems and ordeal, you've never had a problem getting real and showing emotion before, maybe this past year will inspire your greatest works ever.

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I picked up on the incident with Eric Carmen over the weekend, and only yesterday made it here to see what the reaction to it would be.

I have two thoughts to contribute...

First, and speaking only for myself, I do not know Eric Carmen. I don't know anything about his private life. I don't know how much he drinks or how often he does it, just to spotlight the one thing being discussed here.

My point is, and again, I'm speaking only from my own perspective, I'm in no position to be speculating on whether or not the man " needs help " or " has a problem " or anything else about his life or how he conducts it.

Really, all I know about Eric Carmen is that he has created some great music that I enjoy, and it does not need to go any farther than that for me.

That brings me to my next point, which I realize might ruffle some feathers, but I think needs to be said.

I've always thought the idea of making an entertainer one's " hero " an interesting one. Even more, I've thought the same of people who profess " love " for an entertainer without knowing them ( which is different than meeting them, by the way ). I do get the concept of deeply enjoying what entertainers create or do, but to take it further than that, making it personal, when one does not know the person, seems a bit off to me.

I've always found it amusing when assumptions are made about someone based on their music, or a role they have played in a movie or on television.

I know people who dislike certain people because they portray bad people on television, just to throw one example out there.

How does that make sense ?

There are many people who entertain who I admire for their talent, and who create and perform works that I enjoy. The vast majority of them I don't know personally, and it just doesn't seem rational to develop feelings for someone I don't know.

As I read through this thread, I saw post after post addressing Eric Carmen as if they knew him personally, know what his life is like, know what his problems are, and know what he needs to do.

I don't want to be mean - spirited here, but I do want to be real..I'd bet the vast majority here do not know Eric Carmen personally, and to address him as many here have is, in my opinion, presumptuous.

I will allow that most who have done this in this thread have their hearts in the right place, and I'm not saying they are wrong to care, but really, some perspective, please.

I wish all the best for Eric Carmen. The man has created some great music, and is a great entertainer. I'm not going to take it any further than that, though.

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You're not being mean Svin, however realize this.

1) It's a known fact that Eric is/was deepley depressed about his Dad's passing, (unless everyone is making it up).

2) This is the second time that Eric has made a public blunder. And a dangerous one at that.

3) I'm on here for a few reasons. To talk to Eric, to talk to all the other great fans here, and to voice my sadness and share my thoughts about someone I have a very special place in my heart for with others here who feel the same.

None of us are Doctors, Psychiatrists, Therapists, or what have you. We're simply enormous fans of Eric's and his music, and being that he makes us all feel close, we share in his sadness. Some of us are angry with him for what he's done, and being that we love him makes it only more so that he doesn't get a 'Free Pass' from us. This is a place for all of us who have opinions about this special man to come and rally around him in his time of need. Hey, maybe he sits and reads this, maybe not. But at least if he does he will see people who care about him and what becomes of him, and not just people who want to crucify him. Believe me, he has a loving family he has to answer to.

Hey you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see something is going on...do the math..

2 DUIs in 18 months and his grieving over his Dad's passing only spells depression. Or at least that's what it adds up to.

BTW, don't kid yourself. There are many people here who are very close with Eric, and he knows them by reading their posts or from WAB. This is the only site of a celebrity that i've been on where he actually takes the time to read, know your name, and answer your questions.If he's drawn us all in and made us feel closer that's his problem. LOL wink

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Svin, I remember your posts and remember that I really enjoyed reading them. This one is right on the money. Welcome back!

Unless one lives with a person, it's difficult to know what's going on inside his/her head. And it's often difficult to know then! So all the speculation is ridiculous. I'm sure any of us would really be offended someone just up and speculated that *we* might be depressed.

Most things aren't at all what they seem. I remember my Aunt Reva's answer to a nosy neighbor who came over and announced that the people down the street had a terrible marriage. My aunt said, "Nobody knows what kind of marriage two people have except those two people. And sometimes one of THEM doesn't know."

She taught me to believe none of what I hear and only half of what I see.

smile --Darlene

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I'm with Beatnut. Nice post.

It's true that some of us have a very special place in our hearts for Eric. I'm not ashamed to admit that I do. Why do I have this special place, you ask? A couple of reasons.

First and foremost -- I identify with his being a musician and the passion he feels for his music.

Second, I'm a wannabe musician and I admire exceptional talent when I see it. This somehow brings me closer to the musician. Yes there are many talented musicians out there, I could have picked any one of them, but Eric has a very

UNIQUE talent (the Rach thing) that not many people have, and that's something special that I recognize AND admire of him.

Third, the lyrics he chose for his music tells me a lot about his life and his feelings for life. Again, somehow I can identify with this and it brings me closer to him. I'm a writer (of text, not music) myself and I know how deep one often has to go to get the best out of a piece of work.

Not time to close this thread. It might interest Eric to read what other passionates (those who are and are not famous and/or rich) have to say. (I'm in the not-rich and not-famous category!)

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