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Happy Birthday Eric!

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Happy Birthday Eric from your No.1 Utopia fan. I was the first one there an hour before they would open the doors just so I could sit right next to the stage, usually the first one blotto too ! I remember when my girlfriend accidentally got hit and had a bloody nose you were the first one to see if we needed assistance.Have all your recordings and loved the book, just like going home. I think you gave your best performance at Cleveland Public Music Hall where they focused more on your musicianship. Kind of ironic that Mike Douglas should pass away today, I have that video of you on the show. Take Care and thanks for enriching my life.

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Happy Birthday Eric. I hope you have a wonderful day and a very happy and healthy year. To me Eric you have the best voice out there, a true gift. I am looking forward to seeing you again live. You may have noticed I forgot to send the card to you, perhaps you could use the break!

Hugs and kisses,

Love June happy

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A British paper contributed to the day's festivities:

"Here is a sharp reminder that tempus does indeed fugit.

In the Seventies, Eric Carmen was briefly an 'overnight sensation'.

August 11 is Eric Carmen's birthday. Eric is 57.

Pass the phyllosan. I am over 40 and need fortifying."

I think the writer needs some educatin', but it's nice to see him pick out Eric from the '70s.


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Darn it! Happy Belated Birthday, Eric! (My work computer was dead for all but about 45 minutes yesterday.)

Thank you for getting closer to the fans this year with your killer posts! Other than new music, that's about the best gift you could give us. So our gift to you will be a continuing crusade to expand the world knowledge and appreciation of what you have created in the past 35+ years, and a pledge not to stop until you are placed on a music history pedestal just under Lennon/McCartney, Brian Wilson, Elton John and the BeeGees.

And, we pledge to continue making this site crazy and fun, and more popular than ever!...So you have something to do between writing new hit songs.

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Hi gang, Sorry I didn't respond earlier but I left on the 11th for a little family vacation. We flew to Boston and drove up to Cape Cod (Chatham, actually) and had a lovely time wandering the dunes and gazing out at beautiful Pleasant Bay (aptly named). I'd like to thank you all for your kind wishes. ec

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