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Looking for lyrics

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I know there are a lot of musicians out there reading the EC board and I also know that there are alot of people who would like to be a songwriter. I am currently in a huge lyric writing slump and I'm looking for someone to collaborate with. Any EC fans interested in sending me some lyrics to see if I can put music to (and that includes you, Eric! LOL! Wouldn't THAT be a dream come true for me?) feel free to e-mail me. We can split the copyright fees. I'm not saying it'll work out, but I'd love to try.

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Can anyone hear any of your music you have written. I love to hear something new. Even if it is just music. I love Erics music but I love to hear new things. I was dabbling with a lyric if you are still interested. It is entitled "The Heart of the Phoenix" Just let me know if you think you would be interested and I will dabble somemore with it.

I sent Eric a lyric once it was entitled "Last Night" No I didn't write the "Last Night" that you hear Eric singing. I think it was a coincidence that his Last Night song came out after I sent my lyric. Besides the only thing the same was the title. Weird huh.

Gemini laugh

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