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What EC fans listen to?


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There was a time that I'd buy any new cd by an artist that I liked or that I heard was pretty good. Those days are long gone. I've become extremely selective on what I'll spend my $15+ on these days. There are a limited number of artists whose new music I'll buy without having heard a note. Who are they you ask? In no order:

1. Eric Carmen

2. Bruce Springsteen

3. Paul McCartney

4. Kyle Vincent

5. Venice

6. The Eagles (if they ever release another album) - Don Henley & Glenn Frey.

7. Counting Crows

8. Sheryl Crow

9. CSN&Y

10. Brian Wilson

11. Fleetwood Mac (& Lindsey Buckingham)

12. Billy Joel

13. Jackson Browne

14. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

15. Dan Fogelberg

16. The Bee Gees

17. Los Lobos

18. Steve Earle

19. Vince Gill

20. Mary Chapin-Carpenter

How about you?


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Artists I buy new material from when I haven't heard it...

1. Eric Carmen

2. John Waite (am I the only John Waite/Babys/Bad English fan here?)

3. Paul Davis

4. Eddie Rabbitt (Rest in Peace)

5. Bryan Adams

6. ELO

7. Foreignor

8. Alan Parsons

9. Jane Oliver

10. Neil Sedaka

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The Baby's Anthology album has been a favorite of mine for such a long time. I also loved the hits I had heard by John Waite and Bad English. It hasn't been until recently that I started purchasing individual CD's. I'm quite happy with the Baby's "Head First", "On The Edge" & "Unio Jack". I also own both Bad English Cd's, but so far I am disappointed in the two John Waite solo Cd's I have bought "Ignition" & "No Brakes". But I will continue to purchase until I own them all.

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Dwight Twilley SHOULD HAVE BEEN the next Eric Carmen. He and his co-writer Phil Seymour, put out some incredible Pop music. In fact their first album, "The Dwight Twilley Band -Sincerely", was much more impressive than Eric's first solo album (as good as that was). Twilley is still around, and in between writing children's books, he's still releasing music. Check out his website (www.dwighttwilley.com) for further info.



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I saw the Dwight Twilley Band performed on a show called "Wacko" that ran on CBS on Saturday or Sunday morning from September 17, 1977-September 3, 1978. There was a kangaroo cartoon & three hosts who i'm not sure what their names are. The Dwight Twilley Band had a song called "I'm On Fire" from 1975 peaking at # 16 on the Billboard Top 40 Charts & rock critics liked that song so they voted that song at # 2 behind Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" which was # 1. Dwight had some other songs including "You Were So Warm" from 1975 peaking at # 103 on the Billboard's Bubbling Under The Hot 100 chart, "Somebody To Love" from 1982 peaking at # 106 (Bubbling Under) & # 14 on the Billboard Album Rock Chart, "Girls" (with Tom Petty) from 1984 peaking at # 16 on the Billboard Top 40 chart & # 2 on the Billboard Album Rock Chart & "Little Bit Of Love" from 1984 peaking at # 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart & # 44 on the Billboard Album Rock Chart. Actress Tia Carrere did a remake of Dwight's "Why You Wanna Break My Heart" (from 1984 "Jungle") from the movie (Saturday Night Live) "Wayne's World". On the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart, Dwight's "Sincerely" from 1976 peaked at # 138, "Twilley Don't Mind" from 1977 peaked at # 70, "Twilley" from 1979 peaked at # 113, "Scuba Divers" from 1982 peaked at # 109 & "Jungle" from 1984 peaked at # 39 (Dwight's only Top 40 Album). That is all the information on Dwight. Dwight's member Phil Seymour died of lymphoma on August 17, 1993. Matt

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It was the summer of 1975, I was in Boston vacationing when I heard "I'm On Fire" on the radio. Who the heck is this? I thought. This is an amazing song! I later checked an issue of "Hit Parader" magazine which reported that "I'm On Fire" was (in their opinion) the best first single by any act in 10 yrs. I bought the album soon after and was totally blown away. The next Twilley album, "Twilley Don't Mind" was just as good as has been everything he's released over the last 25 years. He really was (is) a true purveyor of everything 'Pop.'


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