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What EC fans listen to?


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After reading reviews here about Kyle Vincent, I found a copy of "Wow & Flutter" at Borders.

Maybe I have a bad pressing, but it seems Kyle could use a good producer (Eric?)...the CD sounds "muffled"...as for the songs themselves, he shows plenty of promise, but towards the end of the disc I found myself wishing Eric had something new out.

Let's face it folks, if it's pop songs you're in the mood for, everything is "killing time" between EC CD's!

As for Boz Scaggs, his CD's are diverse for sure. But his slow songs romantically take a back seat to no one. go to his site and download "Miss Riddle" and "Sarah" from his new "dig" CD. He also includes usually "bluesy" type songs. every CD collection should include his two CD "Anthology".

Just saw Rick Springfield at the skyline stage in Chicago Sat. night...my wife does her own "Wow & Flutter" when she sees him...and he was great. I had'nt realized what a quality guitar player he is.

Can't wait until July 6th and the Taste of Chicago!

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aggiesjc, yes, "Silk Degrees" is by far, the best regular issued Boz Scaggs album, other than the hits package. The follow-up, "Down Two Then Left" is a real disappointment. DJ's tried to hype the song "Hard Time" from that album -- but nobody wanted to hear it...even in San Francisco, which is his home base, and largest fan base.

"Moments", "Slow Dancer" and "Middleman" are decent...but get "Silk Degrees" and avoid "Down Two..."

Scaggs also has a club called "Slim's" which is on 11th St. in San Francisco. Holds (I think) about 1000 people. Usually some moderatly large (but not super big) names play there...Chris Isaak, Shonen Knife, KMFDM, Dick Dale, Phenix TX...a variety of rock/blues/alternative/reggae acts...

The Boz man occasionally shows up to jam with some of the acts, and there were times Steve Miller has also. And one time, Prince decided to try out some new material on this small-club crowd.

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aggiesjc, that was a great Boz Scaggs story. But I've got another one for you to tell your friends...I work at the airport, and Boz was on his way to Aruba. This was on Christmas Day, probably in 1987 or so. He was trying to use the ATM machine, and realized he didn't have the PIN for his card. And of course, no banks open...so I asked him if he had any personal checks. He said yes and I came up with this idea...I went and got $200 from my ATM card, and had him write me a check for $200 which I deposited later on...

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Listening to Eric Carmen as # 1, I also enjoy Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Brooks and Dunn, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Boston, Alice Cooper and Alice in Chains, that I can think of. I basically like any type of music except for RAP, Rythym and blues or any singer that has a high-pitched screaming screetchy voice or ubangi-native sounding music.

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Hi everyone, cool topic here and interesting comments by all...

I'd say my two favorite genres of music are power pop (exemplified in my book by the 3 b's: Beatles, 'Berries and Badfinger) and progressive rock (a la Yes, Genesis, ELP)...and what I can suggest that may be of interest to those here are some artists whose work represents an intersection of those styles...such as Trevor Rabin, onetime member of Yes, whose work with that band (90125, Big Generator, Talk) as well as his stellar solo work (especially Can't Look Away) are stellar pop/prog hybrids...or Klaatu, the band rumored to be the Beatles in disguise (see them at www.Klaatu.org) but was really a fine Beatlesque Canadian trio that melded pop with orchestration and fine arrangements on 5 excellent albums...how about Pilot, who had a hit in the states with "Magic" and made 4 great albums (two produced by Eric's tourmate Alan Parsons) of accomplished pop/rock.

On the harder-eged side, Razz fans may enjoy the work of King's X, a melodic hard rock trio from Texas that combines Cream/Hendrix-style instrumental dynamics with Sly Stone-like lead vocals and Beatlesque harmonies...they did 6 albums for Atlantic and 3 for MetalBlade, all worth checking out..."Gretchen Goes to Nebraska" (#2) and "King's X"(#4) are special high points...

Razz fans will also find much to love in the work of the Posies, a Seattle quartet (really a singing/writing duo plus rhythm section) that released three excellent power-pop with a grunge edge cds on Geffen. They were so well-versed and well-regarded that when Big Star reunited a few years back, they drafted the Posies into the band.

Other altars I worship at...10cc, ELO, Queen, Asia (a very successful pop/prog hybrid), Ben Folds (with and without the 5, check out his new solo CD, "Rocking the Suburbs"), Lindsey Buckingham rules, the Hudson Bros., Jason Falkner, Kansas, JULIAN Lennon (get "Photograph Smile"), World Trade, Elton John ("Songs from the West Coast" is awesome).

Of course, Eric Carmen and Raspberries are lifelong faves and always will be...


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Hi there, glad to be of service.

ELP=Emerson, Lake and Palmer, progressive rock supergroup famous for "Lucky Man" and other FM radio staples. Drummer Carl Palmer later drummed for Asia and bassist/vocalist Greg Lake played in the most recent Ringo All-Starr Band (not the one with EC). Complex keyboard-driven music.

The Hudson Bros.=The Hudson Brothers were a seventies power-pop trio made up of three brothers who were major Beatles fans. They briefly had a couple of TV shows on CBS in the Sonny and Cher style, and they made some very fine pop-rock records, including "Ba Fa" produced by Elton John's lyricist Bernie Taupin. Raspberries/EC fans would fine much to love in their music. More recently, Mark Hudson has become a prominent producer, working with Aerosmith, Hanson and Ringo Starr. His brother Bill is probably best known these days as Goldie Hawn's ex-husband and dad to Kate Hudson.

World Trade is a 90s band that did two fine CDs in the style of Trevor Rabin-era Yes. The band was led by Billy Sherwood, who later became a member of Yes and is currently producing a Todd Rundgren tribute CD and continues to work with Yes bassist Chris Squire in his side project, Conspiracy.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking.


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By the way, The Hudson Brothers (Bill, Brett & Mark) had two top 40 hits "So You Are A Star" peaking at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart back in 1974. They also had a song called "Rendezvous" peaking at #26 on the charts back in 1975 & "Lonely School Year" peaking at #57 that same year. They had a summer variety show back in 1974 & that same year, they moved to Saturday Morning with "The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Comedy Show" thru 1975. Matt

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Hey Bernie, I totally agree with you about "So You Are a Star." Mark Hudson is a self-proclaimed Lennon-head, and it really showed in his vocal on this one.

For those interested, "So You Are a Star" is also the title a CD of the bros.' greatest hits that was released in 1995 by Varese Sarabande. It appears to be out of print but you may be able to find copies out there if you dig. Worth the effort.


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Hey Aggiesjc:

Some other ELP songs that may ring a bell:

"Still..You Turn Me On"

"From the Beginning"

"Welcome Back My Friends"

"I Believe in Father Christmas"

"C'est La Vie"

"Knife Edge"

ELP didn't have a lot of conventional hits, but the above are probably their most recognizable radio hits. Most of them are softer acoustic-based tunes featuring singer Greg Lake, but much of ELP's music was heavy prog rock driven by Keith Emerson's flamboyant organ and symphonic keyboards.

I had the pleasure of seeing ELP live (in a reformed state, with drummer Cozy Powell) and Emerson is a spectacular performer--one of the few keyboard players who incorporated showmanship besides just sitting at the 'boards.

Rhino has a nice ELP greatest hits collection available, as well as boxed set for the more obsessive fan. ELP is not for all tastes--critics generally hated them, calling them pretentious and bombastic--but IMHO there's plenty of superb musicianship and composition at work in their music.



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