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What EC fans listen to?


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TV Guide magazine put out 100 Music Moments That Rocked TV! There was one thing that TV Guide forgot to put down like # 101 when the Rock Music Awards show was on back in the Summer or Fall of 1976 when Diana Ross & Alice Cooper was hosting the show. Alice said that he did not like the show at all so he broke the statue awards & harassed a girl in the crowd & the bodyguards were coming to get Alice. The show went on without Alice. There was another one # 102 when Cheech & Chong was on American Bandstand with Dick Clark. I did not see it back then but in 1992 when American Bandstand showed the 40th Anniversary back then, they showed a clip from 1972 when Thomas Chong broke a record in Dick's ear & here comes the Rate A Record coming down & in 1977, Cheech & Chong were at the party & broke the tables & got into a fighting match or sort. Matt

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I'm just not buying Bill Clinton playing his sax as the top music moment in television history. I'm also not buying Michael Jackson's Moonwalk at #2 or the Beatles on Ed Sullivan at #3.

My picks would be: 1. Beatles on Sullivan; 2. Jackson's Moonwalk -- evertything after that is up for grabs, but those two events in that order seem to fit for me.

I don't think Clinton's Arsenio appearance would be in my Top 20. --Bernie

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My other bubbled under TV Guide Rock Moments would be # 103 South Park episode where Timmy & The Lords Of The Underworld Vs. Phil Collins back around the Summer or Fall of 2000. # 104 The Partridge Family go to Motown Detroit back in 1970. # 105 Sid & Marty Krofft's "The Bugaloos" debuted on September 12, 1970. (that Caroline Ellis who played "Joy" in a pink butterfly suit is a cutie) Matt

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I have every one of the Mavericks releases and cannot recommend them enough. They were my favourite 'country' band, continually pushing the envelope and the paramaters of what was considered to be 'country' music. Their use of horns and Latin rhythms was innovative. On their "Best of" cd from a few years back, they did a fabulous version of the old Tremeloes song "Here Comes My Baby." Lead singer / songwriter Raul Malo's solo cd from last year is excellent and very much as adventureous as the Mavericks music.


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Originally posted by Bob Allen:

Candy...a few more names that Tommy and I cannot -- and do not -- live without -- all of whom have released 'desert island' records: Big Star, Dwight Twilley, Artful Dodger, Badfinger (naturally), NY Dolls, Scruffs, the Pernice Bros, Chamber Strings, Pezband. The list can go on.

Since the brothers Allen (Bob & Tommy) are indirectly responsible for my Raspberries fix, I must extend on their choices...and go (to quote Pezband) on & on

In Raspberries mode (mostly singles/songs here): Edgar Winter Group's one insane power pop gem "Sundown"--Tommy Allen says: "A-B it with "I Can Hardly Believe Your Mine", Flo & Eddie's version of Small Faces' "Afterglow," Piper's "Who's Your Boyfriend" and "Can't Wait," Prix's "Saturday's Gone," Gary Charlson's Live EP which featured covers of "Hey Deanie" and "Tonight" not to mention an amazing version of Vance or Towers' "Do Whatever We Want," Vandalias' "Get To Know You," The Pop's "You Oughta Know," Enuff Z'Nuff's "New Thing," Flashcubes' "No Promise," Off Broadway's "Bad Indication" and "Stay In Time," Bad Boy's "Thinking Of You," Van Duren's masterpiece debut solo album "Are You Serious," Slade's "When The Lights Are Out" and "Do We Still Do It," Thundermug's "Orbit," Grand Funk's "Bad Time," Starz's "Cherry Baby," Crabby Appleton's "Go Back" (it pre-dates the 'Berries), Bay City Rollers' "R&R Love Letter," "Wouldn't You Like It"

AM pop/soft pop: Hudson Bros, Emitt Rhodes, Mortimer, Bread, Choi Choi, Hawks, Octavian, Pilot, Sleepy Hallow, Tin Tin, Vance Or Towers, Craig Rhuntke, Pagliaro, Paul Williams, April Wine (their ballads), Edward Bear, Abba, Stealer's Wheel, America (i.e. "She's Gonna Let You Down," "I Need You"), Slik, Lobo, Blue, Andy Kim, Bee Gees, Shaun Cassidy's "It's Like Heaven." Thunderclap Newman...

'60s pop: Hollies, Dusty Springfiled, Clique, Beach Boys, The Critters, Dino Desi & Billy, Herman's Hermits, Sagittarius/Millennium, Left Banke, New Colony Six, Cowsills, Sunshine Company, Turtles, Zombies, Paul Revere & Raiders, Monkees,

late '70s-'80s; Marshall Crenshaw, Tommy Keene, Dancing Hoods, 20/20, Joey Wilson, Shoes, The Beat, Plimsouls, Rubinoos, Records, Spongetones, Romantics (1st LP), dBs, Bill Lloyd, Game Theory, Phil Seymour, Nick Lowe,

etc: TODD RUNDGREN, Harry Nilsson, Bowie, T Rex, Alice Cooper, Sweet, Mott The Hoople, Kinks, Small Faces, Faces, Donovan, Easybeats, Creation, Move, Byrds, Cheap Trick, Who (64-67), A Foot In Cold Water, 10cc, Jon Brion, McGuinness Flint, Nasty Pop, Creamcheeze Goodtime band (1972's "Livin w/out You"), McCartney, Splinter, Jellyfish, Posies, Material Issue, Rooney, Tommy James, Nazz, The Boys (UK & US), Rich Kids, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Outlets, Mood Six, Riff Doctors, Syd Barrett, Numbers (Canadian), Jam, Secret Affair, Act, Lambrettas, Ramones, Shake Appeal, True Love, Wondermints, World Of Oz, George Harrison, Sneetches, Rabbit, Radio Stars, Roxy Music, Andy Williams, REM, Rain Parade, Split Enz, Crowded House, Sparks, Velvet Underground, Tommy Roe, We Five, Mrs. Miller

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No, I didn't buy the Rock N Roll Roots. I got an approving email from Stroud awhile back (thought I forwarded it to you, but maybe that was when Eric was gonna be in that failed Beatles thing some time ago)after I submitted my list, which contained all Raspberries songs. LOL Alas, none made the cut!

Many moons ago, I would religiously call Stroud on his "two for Tuesday" segment, always asking for "Go All The Way" and "Overnight Sensation". I'd give different names as the requester and he'd always laugh knowing it was me.

The things us Carmen fans go through, eh?

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blackhawkpat, I know what you mean about requesting some berries tunes for the Rock and Roll Roots Cds. Two years ago at a Cd release party, once again I approached the table that Stroud was sitting at and said ummmmmmmm....

no berries?? He just laughed and said no Gina,

no berries. The last Cd release party I didn't say anything about this last Cd once again no berries on it. Actually there was a GREAT singer sitting next to Stroud. As I approached the table I forgot about saying ummmmmm...no berries? I was so excited to meet this singer.I approached the table and said, I THINK I'M IN LOVE! Yikes,I can't believe I said that. This guy looked at me and turned all red, and shook his head. Oh boy I couldn't help it I was so excited. I am so stupid sometimes.

I certainly will not give up on requesting a berries tune for future volumes. Hey, Stroud if you are here reading this, come on........

you are a fan too..... consider it ok

That's it! smile


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Recently I have been listening to a lot of Barbereshop Quartets since for the past two years I have been singing tenor in a quartet.

It's the hardest stuff I have ever done, but the cool thing is that we don't have any gear to carry and sets are only 20 minutes to half an hour.

Today's Barbershop Quartets (International competition level ) are amazing...they are incerdibly entertaining and sing better than almost anyone I have ever heard.

A cool

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A true Barbershop Quartet sings acapella. We can dress how we want, though during competitions many quartets wear really really ridiculously lame suits. Some wear them for shock factor (ewe won for the loudest suit!!!) and others because they are a comedy quartet.

My quartet only competes at the first two levels...the third level is international and these would be the best 20 quartets out of over 2000 across canada and the states. Our society has 34,000 memebers.

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Guess it's been awhile since I was on here, I surely would have responded to this but can't seem to find where I did, so here goes. I love all kinds of music old and new, here is a partial list of what I listen to:


Eric Clapton



Elton John

Toad the Wet Sprocket

Lapdog (former Toad members) www.lapdogmusic.com

The Clarks www.clarksonline.com

Pete Yorn


Foo fighters



Ingram Hill

Pat Mcgee band

Sister Hazel

Counting Crows

Led Zepellin

Jonny Lang

Matt Nathanson

The Strokes

Fighting Gravity

Ryan Adams


Ari Hest

Virginia Coalition

Hall and Oates (Older stuff, hated the 80/90's)

Dan Fogelburg

Gordon Lightfoot


Most of what I listen to nowadays is influenced by live shows and internet.....I am not a mainstream radio listener anymore, mostly adult alternative.


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Last night on CMT I watched In Concert, James Taylor, great performance, guitar singing only.

After that I watched another, only it was Cat Stevens, I really wasn't a Cat Stevens fan, until I really watched him perform, that guy is amazing, he's good.

Now I am. He had sung a song I like, called,

'Better Blue", I like that song.

He sang others too, the others were great.

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Jennifer most of the hits that Dan Fogelberg has had has been with his ballads, so that's why you hear those songs on the radio. His uptempo stuff is pretty introspective. I don't know if I'd classify him as "pop", probably more in the folk-rock-country fields. He's a fabulous guitarist and keyboardist and at one time, before Joe Walsh joined the Eagles, Dan was asked to join the band. He passed on the offer because he was establishing himself as a solo artist. In my opinion, his double album "The Innocent Age" is a classic, and easily one of the best combination of melodies and lyrics anytime anywhere. It had the hit singles "Same Old Lang Syne", "Run For the Roses" and "Leader of the Band" on it. I would assume that most fans of Jackson Browne are also fans of Dan, as their styles are very similar. Jackson probably has the stronger voice, while Dan's is a bit on the sweet side. I would thoroughly recommend Dan to any music listeners who like songs constructed with a great deal of thought put into melodies and lyrics.


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It's a funny thing about that song, "Oh, Sherry." I always have this sense that I shouldn't like it, that it's too corny, or too typical of the bad '80s music, but I can't help liking it enough to hear it out whenever it's on the radio. To me, that's where the judgement is made - does the radio dial get switched, or does it stay? I usually end up listening to the whole of Perry's "Foolish Heart" when it's on the radio, too.

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