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To Our Fans:

It's not a happy time in Raspberryland for us to know that some of you fans have spent hard earned money on airline tickets and hotel accommodations. Please know that we are not happy with how things turned out in San Diego, but rest assured, we will be very careful that this does not happen again.

We love our fans and the last thing we want to do is cost them time and/or money. Sometimes things are not within our control. This is now the case, and the best we could do in order to salvage the show in LA was to cancel San Diego.

It has been a wonderful year for you and for us and we hope that we can continue next year with more shows and maybe new music.

Let's rock LA and hope that nothing but good things come from it!!!

I love this band and I love our fans.

Jim Bonfanti

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Couldn't help but see this before making my "shut down" rounds.

I can only say - Jim - the feeling's mutual. The concerts I caught in Chicago and NY were the BEST I've ever seen, so I'm grateful to have seen those.

Best wishes for the band and all who see them in LA.....I know it will be terrific! Thanks, Bernie, for forwarding this.

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Thank you, Jim, for the heartfelt message. I *knew* there was a reason for the cancellation, and if it makes Los Angeles better, or possible, then it's a GOOD reason.

We've all lived long enough to know that everything doesn't always turn out perfectly. This year has been a dream for Raspberries fans and Raspberries and Overdubs as well. Even the road to success isn't ALWAYS smooth. Just a bump in the road ahead. Thanks so much for the message. Rock Hollywood!

smile --Darlene

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Hi Everyone - While there's nothing we can do to reimburse those members who lost money for airfare, hotel, etc. we DO want to try to make it up to you, so if this applies to you please send me a private message so we can show you our appreciation. Thanks.


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I know the quickest way to play anywhere on short notice would be at music stores. But, if someone else is playing Oct. 22nd at an art center for music, you might be able to jump on. The show is already on somewhere, so you could be a surprise guest. A friend of mine, who sings, does this.

In West Hollywood, I think the music place is called Sam Goodies. Nancy Sinatra brought her band over. It was packed. Bring your music, etc. to sell.

Also in West Hollywood, The Guitar Center, where they sell musical instruments. Outside on the sidewalk, they have handprints of musicians from around the world. Announce your show at HOB's there, if you wish.

The Catalina Bar and Grill. On Cahuenga, in the heart of Hollywood, just south of the 101 Fwy, about four blocks. Steve Tyrell and Debbie Boone, who just started singiing again. I think it holds 100 or more.

Herb Albert's(Tijuana Brass) Restaurant called Vibrato, in L.A.

In Agoura Hills, about twenty five minutes west of House Of Blues, at their Country Club, there is a theatre, and many well-known singers have played there. It's advertised on the radio.

The Universal Amphitheatre, about four miles north of HOB, off the 101 Fwy.

Pepperdine University, in Malibu, Cal., at The Smother's Brothers Theatre.

Citrus College, in Glendora. East, about thirty five miles of Hollywood, off the 210 Fwy.

In Long Beach, California, The Carpenter Arts Center, named after the famous duo. I think the brother still does shows there every Christmas Holiday.

The CoachHouse (www.TheCoachHouse.com), in San Juan Capistrano, Oct. 22nd, Hot August Night- A tribute to Neil Dimond. I don't know, whether or not it's possible to play just before this show.

Galaxy, in Santa Ana, California. Oct. 22nd, Home Grown(A Band?)-www. GalaxyTheatre.com

The OC Pavilion(www.oc Pavilion.com). Bill Medley, of The Righteous Brothers started here, in Santa Ana, California. No one else is playing Oct. 22nd, but if you want, some entertainment friends of yours could do a benefit concert. It might be too short of a notice though, to do that.

Elizabeth Howard's Curtain Call Theatre, in Tustin, California. A dinner and show. Now showing, Grease.(714) area code. smile

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Aggiesjc, if you can't get a refund, I'll trade that room saturday in San Diego, for one in the future there,(Just call them first) and you can stay in Los Angeles on Friday-Saturday.

Oh, how could I forget the famous Viper Room, on Sunset Blvd, in W. Hollywood.. And guess, what, I think there's a ski party that night there, that I'm invited too, before the snow season kicks-off for Mammoth Mountain Skiers- See MammothMountain.com(forums/mammothmountain, page 2--Update. Here it is. Get Ready. Get Stoked and Par Tay). I've never been at The Viper Room , but it's probably a small place for a band to play at, or to sell CD's, too.

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Her's a thought: Maybe all of the people whp have SD reservations could keep them. Then get a "limo" be it a van or whatever and split the cost to be driven to LA. I know my daughter and her friends do this alot when they go out and it only costs them around 10.00 each, they can party, have fun and not worry about the whole drinking and driving thing.......just a thought

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Thanks, Bernie for the explanation from Kay.

You're right, Billy K. Croce's. I want to visit there.

Great point, Tony.

And Baby sister, that's a thought. A van might be better, because they can leave and send another van later after drop-off. A limo might charge for wait time, but a deal can be made.

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