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Thank you for the special goodies, Smittie & Gina, Barb


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At the pre-show, Kay Bryson had made goodie bags that were handed out (we were being interviewed for the dvd and missed getting one by ONE person!) What was in them?

But - Smittie (julie from PA) made the sweetest (all puns intended) gift for the boarders she ran into - a silver cupcake holder filled with Hershey kisses and Raspberry Creamsavers with raspberry netting and a paper leaf. Thank you so much!

Ginahungryeyes (damn y'all - she's quite beautiful!) made up magnetic pins that said "Raspberries" and lit up - some were shaped like shopping bags! Very very cool - as was her ticker-tape name plate that had different electronic messages flashing across it!

A guy named Chuck gave me a Raspberry logoed pin that i am very pleased to have.

Sir Barb Alan - man, you are a panic! My stomach STILL hurts from the photo session outside the Hall of Fame. Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you just happy to be standing behind me???? I had the breast...I mean best time with you all. eeksmilie Barb - I can't thank you enough for the CD - listened to it all the way home and I love it.

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Oh, Ted!!!! I know I know!!!!! I am DYING about this show!!!!!!!!!!

We didn't post right away - we were just wiped out!

Isn't great to have you guys caring about us??

We will have that long talk about the rellys. My cousin still hasn't gotten back to me about the connections but he will.

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Oh, I forgot to add my thanks for the bag of goodies from Kay, the candy from Smitty, the lighted Raspberries pin from Gina. I missed the bag at first, and someone was nice enough to give me the one they got for their husband. I'm sorry I can't remember who it was but I really appreciated it. If you know who you were post it here so I can thank you in person. smile

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Hi Laura,

That was my husband Dave who gave you his Raspberries bag of goodies. I thought it should go to a board member who would really appreciate it! I was kidding him that the only reason I let him tag along was because he was my official driver and photographer. I said you are "Driving Miss Julie" to the Raspberries Reunion! He was a good sport and even let me play my Raspberries CDs in the car during our trip! When we got to the HOB and were waiting for the show to start he said, "Don't be disappointed if they don't sound

like their records. It has been thirty years and they've only been practicing for a short time."

Boy was he surprised when the show was over!

He was really impressed and thought they sounded even better than their records did 30 years ago and totally agreed that they were at their very best performing live that night at the HOB. I think I have converted him to a Berryhead!

It was so nice meeting you Laura and walking to the Rock Hall and snapping those pictures outside. Hope to meet up with you again someday!

Julie Rhoads

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Smittie-Thank your husband for me. I enjoyed meeting you also, and I am sure we will meet again someday, hopefully for another concert. I honestly just couldn't remember who it was. I think I was in such a state before, during, and after the concert that I just couldn't think straight!!! spin :rolleyes:

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