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Concert Question


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Ok, I don't get out much, so I have a concert question to ask of ye who be in the know. (last REAL concert I was at was Whitesnake/Bad English -- unless you count, "The Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show" -- both radically different venues, but that's another story ;) )

So, anyhow, if the auditorium rules say NO CAMERAS, how serious are they about this?? I could get some awesome pix with my 300-mm zoom and mighty Canon flash in tandem with my good seats, but I don't want to get my equipment confiscated. Any advice -- could ya get me a press pass, Bernie? For the benefit of the website??? --Julie

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Julie-- My experience with the NO CAMERA rules at concerts is that it varies with the performers. If you can get a camera past the checkpoint search by hiding it then you're halfway home.

Most security people won't hassle you if you discreetly take a photo or two without making a nuisance of yourself. Unfortunately, cameras like yours (with a long telephoto lens) are exactly the kind of cameras they look for and frown upon. The thought, I guess, is that you might be a pro and will sell the photos to some magazine or something.

Most concertgoers seem to be able to do anything they want with those little disposable cameras or mini digitals. The pictures are certainly not good enough to sell.

Good luck! And if you get any photos we'd love to see 'em! --Bernie

PS: I've never seen security confiscate a camera. The few times that I've been "busted" resulted in me giving up my film and refraining from taking any more shots. If you are lucky enough to take some pictures, hide each roll of film as you expose it so that you can tell them that the only film you have is the roll in the camera :lol:

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Julie, I agree with Bernie. The big camera's are what they look for. I've been to a few concerts like NSYNC and KISS recently and I saw a few big camera's taken away. Security will say take it back to your car (and you can't because your car is a mile and 30 minutes away and you will miss half the concert)or they will hold it for you. Chances are you will never see it again.

I had a small disposable camera and I got it in. Pictures are not as great but, with todays nohow, you can have those pictures made bigger and better. At least you will have some great memories and still have your big Canon.

This is just my experience though. Good Luck as well.

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Well, I've decided not to take the risk with the 35mm. I'm toying around with sticking my digital in my purse, but I'll probably just end up playing it safe with a cheap disposable. Maybe I can fashion a 2X magnifier with some scotch-tape onto the cheap-o lens...

Do you have to walk through a metal detector at these things? Do they go through purses? They didn't at Lawrence Welk.. ;) --Julie

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When I was at the Ringo show, cameras were not allowed, I had a disposable one, and when they came to get it they saw that it a disposable camera and they let me keep it. Others were not so lucky, but they only took the batteries and they gave them back after the show. I will try again cause the pictures I did get were lousey. June :(

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