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So what's up with the photos?


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Darlene, it's my understanding that she posted ALL of the pics she took on that site. I was sort of wondering what happened to you, because I couldn't find you in any of them, but I figured I was just over-tired and was somehow missing you. Maybe yours came out blurry or something and she didn't post it, or maybe she simply overlooked posting one, that's easy enough to do. Why don't you e-mail her and ask about it, you really should have a pic of the night.

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The only reason why I knew there was a list was because one of the photo people came into the crowd of fans and wondered where the list was. When we asked what list, they said the list of email names. Then I forgot about it but remembered before I left the HOB. Apparently the list of email addresses disappeared for awhile. Maybe that's why not everyone knew about the list.

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Good news!

I've just beeen informed that high-res images taken at the band's MEET AND GREET will be made available here at EricCarmen.com very soon. So, if you're having trouble with Ofoto or would just like the file to do with what you may, they should be available for download here at the website very, very soon!


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It will be interesting to see if I turn up in any of them, but I probably won't. After the camera lights were turned off, then turned on again, Janet said she didn't take any more pictures. A bunch of people were snapping the one I appeared in, but I don't know who they were! If anyone has personal pictures with a blonde (1st person on the left, behind the "raspberry couch") wearing a maroon top, it's me!

smile --Darlene

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