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Tickets ON SALE NOW!!!


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Okay, for those of you looking for elusive balcony seats tomorrow, a HOW TO BUY TICKETS ON TICKETMASTER PRIMER:

1. Register FIRST, so that your name, address, etc. is already input (to save time on the confirmation page).

2. Get to the ACTUAL PAGE where the tickets will be on sale EARLY. I get there at least 5 minutes prior and keep hitting RELOAD constantly. You never know exactly when the ticket page will become ACTIVE, and if you're not there the moment it does you WILL miss out on the best tickets. Never (and I mean NEVER) toss back a good ticket. By the time you get back to the order page, that seat and anything better is probably gone, too. Buy what's offered and feel good about it!

3. CLICK quantity and ORDER as soon as that little box appears. There might be hundreds if not thousands of people for some shows looking to do exactly what you're doing.

4. Relax. If you did everything precisely right and as fast as humanly possible you should be looking at your ticket confirmation and smiling :-)

I have manged to buy tickets online to EVERY SINGLE event that I've wanted to attend using these steps. They work, the key is being EXCEEDINGLY FAST!!! :-) Good luck to everyone!


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Well w/o seats we are not going as that floor was hard on our 50 plus year old bones. I hope they play a place that has more seating someday.

We did see them last week so I am satisfied.

I would try to get some of those table seats but the first few people in Friday threw coats on all of them and "saved them for friends that were coming in later. Seemed kind of unfair but thats life.

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I'm flying into Cleveland around 5:30 in the evening, and heading back home early the following morning. No hotel for me (trying to cut as much of the costs as possible): I figure the band will play past midnight, so I'll head off to the airport and catch a few winks in the airport.


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My husband was able to get two general admission (standing) this am he was just checking the site and they were on sale!

would have been great to get balcony(he tried and they were gone)

as he has a bad back

3 spinal surgeries

his oprder printed out at 726am?? from

HOB confirmation (must be Pacific time)

but we are in the "House" and he said

standing is ok

if anybody has two balcony seats available Please

post or e-mail me if you are willing to sell and I will put these two up for sale at cost



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