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Great places to eat near Chicago HOB


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I have eaten at most all of these in the last year and they are grand! Some of them aren't cheap, but they are good! Some may require a call ahead. Almost all of them are close to the HOB. If it is too cold... a $5.00 cab ride will have you there in a couple of minutes. The taxis are everywhere.

Hugo’s Frog Bar (great steaks)

1024 N Rush

Gibson’s Steak House

1028 N Rush

Carmine’s (I cut the filet mignon with a fork)

1043 N Rush

Rosebud on Rush

720 N Rush

Chicago Chop House

60 W Ontario

Haray Caray’s

33 W Kinzie (really close to HOB)

Heaven on 7 (N’awlins style)

600 N Michigan, but enter on Rush

Le Colonial (French Vietnamese)

937 Rush

Nacional 27 (Cuban/Carribean)

325 Huron

Kikis Bistro (French)

900 N Franklin

Billy Goat Tavern (inspiration for Saturday Night Live’s “Cheeseborger, Cheeseborgerâ€)

420 N Michigan (kinda down under to the side)

Buddy Guys Legends

754 S Wabash

For Chicago Style Pizza... try Gino's or Pizza Uno.

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I can call them and see. The only reason I knew to make reservations was there was a link when I bought my tickets to make reservations so that you could "cut the line" and not wait in the cold to get into the concert. I may be in the opera box, so it is less of an issue. They said in an email that there was a private party at 5:30 and that the earliest reservation was for 6:00pm. They haven't let me know, my reservation was for 6:30pm originally. I think doors open at 7:00pm but I could be wrong.

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Phil, I live in the south suburbs & don't really go into downtown Chgo. much. We go to places on the south side, so I can't really recommend any one place. I even had to look up on-line the best way to get to the HOB, when my girlfriend & I go next Sat. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. You could try Gene's choices. Places do get crowded on Sat. You would probably have to go earlier, maybe by 4.


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