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New MP3 File?


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Hmmm... how about Eric doing "I've Got A Feeling" or "Maybe I'm Amazed"? Or, something from the rehearsal from the not-to-be reunion tour? That would be cool! Or, some outtakes from the "Fresh" album .... or ..... oh, I'll stop now. (Actually, anything you give us is always appreciated!)

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How about putting together a cd with say 6 or so of these songs. And I don't care about record companies and legal problems ! With all the technology available you could burn a couple hundred of these for us crazy Carmen maniacs! Eric could keep the dough or donate it to his favorite charity. WE NEED SOMETHING NEW! I AM TIRED OF RE-HASHING WHAT IFS AND WISH LISTS!

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How about "High Cost of Lovin' You"? To those who've never heard it, it's kind of like Eric was asked to guest star on "Hee Haw" and this is what he chose. Oddly, I can never get this song out of my head. Maybe I'm just weird....... spin

Seriously, anything is fine with me Bernie. You never disappoint!

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