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Easy KJR-FM question

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As I sit here and type this I am listening live to a Seattle classic rock station that I advertise on, KJR (remember Pat O' Day in the good ol days?) and here is their big call in question. They play ABM, talk about how it reached #2, then asked for his former band. Duh.. then they ripped into GATW.

I have a more interesting question. Eric reached #2 the first week of March in 76. He stayed there for 3 weeks. The first week he crept up to number 2 right behind The Miracles "Love Machine Part 2".

Then the next week Love Machine dropped to number 3, seemingly paving the way for Eric to take the number one slot. But number three leaped past both to hold the number one slot for the last three weeks of March, denying Eric his number one positon.

What group and song was this? It's actually a decent song but why couldn't they wait one extra week...

A parallel. Gary Wrights Dream Weaver pulled into number 3 behind Eric, then also held the number two slot for three weeks behind the same group that kept Eric out during the same month.

Seattle Steve

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"When I Need You", nice guess but... it was about a year later, wrestling with Stevies "Sir Duke" and finally Leo did hit it did hit number one the week of May 14th, 1977.

If it's any consolation for Eric, Hotel California spent a lot more time at number 2 behind the two mentioned above then they did for the one week they hit #1... and that's a great song.

There is a lot of luck in the timing, though I'm quoting them, the charts don't mean much to me.

Seattle Steve

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Ok I cheated: "December 1963" by the Four Seasons.

Steve I would like to add that when it comes to knowledge about the 'berries and Eric, the fans on this site are in the minority. The majority of people though they might recognize the hit songs, would not know Eric from a hole in the wall, and even fewer would be able to make the link to the 'berries.


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