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"I'll Hold Out My Hand"

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I think Eric is suffering his way through this 10 days. The horrible mix on the LA shows, the unfortunate hair on American Bandstand and now a demo he probably thought was long dead and buried.

It's OK man, we love you warts and all. Just makes you more human that you can laugh at yourself a little. And you still sound great most of the time. Even with no reverb, EQ and all that compression.

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Few people are objective about their work, but I've never seen anyone as hypercritical of his own work as is Eric. I'll Hold Out My Hand is a beautiful song. It's a true gem and it was also one of my mom's favorites, and she was a pianist with unerring musical taste.

Eric just remembers that he was young, new to the business and Sandy Linzer wasn't exactly George Martin. He also produced records (on Epic) for one of my friends back in the day, as well as Beverly Bremer (Don't Say You Don't Remember).

Still and all, the song is beautiful and so is Eric's rendition of it.

And...I LOVED the hair!

smile --Darlene

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I don't have a single problem with the sound of the L.A. shows, I wish I had Eric's American Bandstand hair just once in my life, and I think "I'll Hold Out My Hand" is a terrific song! If those are the warts…more please!


Bernie I know it getting late in the celebration but I would take more too. I saw nothing wrong either. I've enjoyed this whole party even if I can't download anything.


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