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All time favourite line


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Alrighty, then....

"Feel your breath on my shoulder, and I know we couldn't get any closer"..

"Til I found you, I never knew love could feel like this..now that I do, I wanna make up for what I missed. Here we are, and what I thought was just a dream...is coming true, because of you, I know what love means.."

(I'm afraid if I really get started....you'll see lyrics from every song Eric ever wrote.... happyhappy ) M.

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Whew, Marlene, once you get goin', you think of really great ones. I know what you mean about winding up choosing lyrics from every song.

Eric is really a great lyricist and I feel that the songs to which he and/or he and other Berries wrote lyrics are better than those he wrote with other lyricists.

smile --Darlene

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"Long ago an innocence lived deep within my soul

In a yesterday where love and dreams remain

But disillusion clouds my eyes

And the winter takes it's toll

For the spring has gone and will not come again"

Achingly beautiful! Actually, I had a hard time narrowing it down to just one from "Boats".

Along with the amazing lyrics goes perhaps the most expressive voice I've ever heard! Eric has always been able to make me FEEL his music. Darlene, I think "poetry" describes it perfectly!


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Not necessarily my favorite but a verse that will, forever, stay with me. It tells his state of mind at the time he wrote it (in LA). A time, I am sure, he would rather forget...but can not. Listen to the song again and you can feel the pain. I know I can.

How ironic he is going back 30 years later with a mental outlook that is 180 degrees removed. crying


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<<<< Interested to know what other people's all time favourite line from an Eric song would be>>>>

I *thought* this thread was about "Eric songs"...

Did Eric write those??? eek

Why don't we get drunk is Jimmy Buffet... the other one I'm clueless...

but Eric did write "then she put my hand in her pants" hahahahahaha

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"When did we change? Where has love gone ? We can't explain it but we know there's something wrong. And all that's left of you and me-is just a memory of the way it used to be". I still get the chills when I hear this song about love slippin' away.This one gets my vote as a great lyric.

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I set to sea on a ship called Emptiness

Cast away on the Island of Loneliness

Lookin' for love

Ooh, and I was lookin' for love

(You know)

I didn't think she could hear my S.O.S.

But she appeared like an angel of tenderness

Sent from above

Oh, she was bringing me love

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