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Okay, listen up guys. There seem to be a few favorite themes to songs about girls:

1. Guy wants girl

2. Guy gets girl

3. Girl leaves guy

4. Guy misses girl

5. Guy thinks girl will be sorry she let him go

Well, "Someday" from CHANGE OF HEART clearly fits into position #5.


When I'm cool

She's gonna think about how

She used to treat me so cruel

On that someday

Man, she'll crawl back to me."

Nothing like a good revenge song to get you out of the mopey depression caused by losing the girl. "All By Myself?" "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again?" "The Way We Used To Be?" Not a chance on this one.

"So she said goodbye again

I'm just waitin' for the time to come

When she'll get down on her knees

Beggin', now darlin', please"

This song always reminds me of another great similarly themed tune, "Irene Wilde" by Ian Hunter. In "Wilde", Ian sings,

"When I was just sixteen

I stood waiting for a dream

At barker street bus station every night.

When I tried to get it on

She just looked at me with scorn

My courage turned to dust and I took flight.

For those looks they seemed to say,

'You ain't nothing, go away

You're just a face in the crowd.'

So I went home and I vowed

I'm gonna be somebody, someday."

Needless to say, I love the melody and sound on "Someday" -- the way that deep, deep tuba-like synth comes in strong on the second verse, and I haven't even mentioned the brilliant Beach Boys "dits." Oh, and I just love how Eric does a few Ronnie Spector "Be My Baby" "Oh, oh, ohs" as the song fades out.

Now it's your turn.


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I completely agree that you can hear Eric's love for the Beach Boy's coming through loud and clear on Someday. He even sounds like Carl Wilson during certain parts of the song. This was also a B Side for one of his singles and one of my personal favorites as well.

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I talked to Bruce about his work with Eric one day when I met him at Guitar Center. He said Eric was a nice guy and a real pro. I also congratulated him for writing "I Write The Songs" and "Disney Girls"...

He asked me if I was trying to be a suck-up like this Roonie character he met in Cleveland...

(Just kidding on that last line) wink

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Hard to believe this was the "b" side. I guess the late 70's wasn't the best of times for surf music. As I listen through the headphones I'm hearing the song in it's truest form, but I'm struck by the fact that I enjoy it more through the floor speakers with the equalizer skewed on both ends. I guess I'm biased (no pun intended) towards a little more grunt on the low end and clarity on the top. This song has a nice flow to it, the transitions are catchy, and even though Eric has said he doesn't really like to use modulation in his songwriting it works to perfection on the third verse. A great song that I never get tired of listening to! Kirk.

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Yes Marvin. When I worked for Guitar Center, he came in looking for a certain composition software. I told him we could special order, But he was only in town for 2 days on tour. He seemed surprised I mentioned "Disney Girls". Art Garfunkel did it justice on his 1975 Album. Johnston likes to write melodic but cornball songs.

(I forgot to mention that to him...)

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My children had to listen to plently of Carmen music growing. More than plenty! Of course I always enjoyed it. One day while listening to this song my daughter said, in a very harsh tone, "Mom, he is so consieted"! To which I cracked up laughing and said "all men think like that." Then we were both laughing. Probally not what Eric had in mind, at the time, about this song, but I always though it was a funny, but good song. Sorry Eric.

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Bernie and the guys on here, I got my income tax

done all ready,

I'm going to the record store to buy the latest cd

of Eric Carmen.

So I can take part in the song of the week and give my input, also to listen to CD and enjoy it.

Getting Caught Up with the crowd.

Happy Thanks giving to you all in the U.S.

Mail me a turkey leg.

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The day is over, It's 3 58pm, I had to use my money for food and early Christmas shopping, when your on a fixed income, it's hard to get the items you want.

Christmas for everyone is important to me, so, guys and Bernie, maybe next time or Someday, I'll

get the latest Cd by Eric carmen.

I paid my bills too.

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With "Some Day" Eric combines lyrics and music perfectly. And the way he sings these particular lyrics is spot on. It's a perfect blend of all of his assets. And I love the attitude! Sure having a girl come crawling back is a fantasy every guy has...that's why it's so much fun to sing along. Dave

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I'm guilty too! This is one of the easier ones to try to match. I do it in the car. My cat, who goes to work with me, LOVES it when I sing with Eric. Tonight, on the way home, I had the radio on and I popped in the 'Berries and started singing and the cat just went nuts purring and kneading.

*sigh*--I just re-read what I wrote. I sound pretty damn pathetic.....a single lady singing in the car to her cat. *geez*

I am soooooo unworthy......It's no wonder I love "Winter Dreams", eh Marvin? spin

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