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Eric On Tour 2002!

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Let me give you guys an idea just how on top of this tour Bernie is. He posted last week the Toronto date, and when I called the venue they didn't even know anything about it. Sure enough a week later it popped up on their website and after the "members" presale I was still able to score row 5 tickets. Couldn't have done it without Bernie's heads up. Thanks man. This site has THE most up to date info on the tour anywhere. I think even Eric checks here first to see where he's going.

Seattle Steve

Now if he comes anywhere near Seattle I'm on those too.

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Hawaii too?? I see they are in June, so is Eric doing those too? Hawaii, "wouldn't it be nice." :lol: This schedule looks gruling, almost a gig every single night and in different locations miles away. Take some vitamins Eric, we wouldn't want you to get sick again like the Dirty Dancing tour. Take care of yourself and I will see you soon. :)

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Hey everyone! I saw a flyer in the Sunday paper from the Cleveland visitor's bureau, and it reads: "August 9-11, Abbey Road on the River, Beatles Festival, Nautica Entertainment Complex, 216-241-5555"! I have a hunch that EC will be there. Let's get some more info.

On a related note, O.K., so we see EC at a few concerts this summer - I'm already feeling disappointed that he's not going to play most of his songs. Here's my bizarre idea: Let's chip in $50. each (50 people), that's $2,500., I will drive to Cleveland and pick up Eric and his portable keyboard and guitar, bring him to my house in Duncansville, PA (near Altoona), and he can play our favorites in the backyard. What are the chances of him agreeing to that?


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