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Valentine EC Songs


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Like for instance, HT. The farmer in Oats Valley, MO..that stays in the fields past dark...so he can feed his nagging....errrr, so he can feed and provide his wonderful wife with all she needs....This fella, though dirty and sweaty, is at the apex of REAL romance.

Sometimes I am so profound..


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James, that dirty sweaty guy providing for his...errr... is doing the best he can BUT if this is supposed to be a philisophical thread about the, um, stakes of love and war, I don't like war. However, I see your point. Giving all of one's self to provide for and give to another is the emitome of true love, is it not? Which brings me to another thought. If one would give all, the other should also, so there would be nothing left to boast about on either side. No begrudging. No boastfulness. No resenting. No harboring.

If love is not a 2 way street it is a dead end road......

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