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My ìtonight.movî is broken. It still has sound but no picture...

If you can send me ìtonight.mov,î I happily send you what you missed in the past.

Recent member is welcome!

But please send a message first to arukusake2@hotmail.com.

Donít miss this opportunity!

Thank you Bernie for keep updating with awesome contents.


Q How much did I pay for a used ìRaspberries Greatest Hits [2000]"?

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I don't know if somebody wrote how to play tonight.mov on Windows PC.

I just write this for people who still cannot play.

The format of tonight.mov is sorenson video 3. To play this format in Windows, you need QuickTime 5 for Windows or QuickTime 6 Pro with $56 registration fee.

QuickTime 4 users can play goalltheway.mov that is in sorentson vide format, but you need QuickTime5 for sorenspn 3 format.

You can still download FREE QuickTime 5 at http://tucows.wave.net.br/mmedia/preview/195040.html but this version is not compatible with Windows XP.

Do not upgrade to QuickTime 6.

QuickTime 6 no longer supports mov format.

I upgraded QuickTime 5 to 6 without aware of actual degrading. arrgh

Maybe it's better not to change a file name and remain "read only."

After changing file name several times, my tonight.mov takes long time to load picture but still works with version 5.

It used to play spontaneously.

Anyway, thank you for reading.

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