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Bahoodore, Great post! I was thinking the same thing: Peter NOONE!!!! Haha.

Marvin, to say that Freedom was pretty weak is a

drastic understatement. I was so disappointed with

that song, I never would have believed that Paul

would have written it.

You may not like IWBTLY's synthesized music, but

his songs, taken on melody and lyric (not production or arrangement) are great. Eric has never written a weak song. (Hands On You was obviously just a lark...) --Darlene

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Sorry to prolong this topic but I feel the need to respond to some of the postings.

In a career that has spanned 40 years, giving us so many classic unforgettable songs, and given the fact that Paul has probably written well over 1000 songs, I can handle a clunker here and there. Eric has given us some good songs, some great songs, and some bad songs, but hey that's his perogative if he felt the bad songs were worth releasing.

There is one thing however that I feel Paul and Eric do have in common - they both miss the sounding board that they had in John and Wally respectively. While Paul has managed to align himself with some other excellent songwriters and musicians over the years such as Elvis Costello, Hamish Stuart, Denny Laine, Robbie McIntosh and Eric Stewart, I don't feel that Eric has ever been able to replace Wally, Dean Pitchford notwithstanding.

If Eric does indeed read this message board as has been suggested by Bernie, he must be quite flattered that there are people mentioning him in the same breath as one of his heroes. Next thing people will be putting him on the same pedestal as Brian Wilson and that'll really flatter Eric!


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Going back to your mentions of Peter Noone, I met him a few months ago and when he saw my Eric Carmen t-shirt, he told me “Eric Carmen has got a brilliant web-site” and also said he thought Eric was great. Peter Noone is a nice guy.

I know Marvin will pick on me for saying so, but I much prefer Eric's songs/voice to Paul. I don't believe Eric has released any weak songs, either. What's happened to all the light-hearted posts that used to be on the Message Board? Sorry, just had to get that off my chest as it's driving me banonkers.

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I agree with you about recent posts being more serious than in the past - how about lightening up, people? Tony, can't you crack a joke once in a while? I really like to read members' opinions, but it is annoying when a member thinks his or her opinion is better than another member's. Still - no reason to argue! Remember, Eric is a peace-loving kind of guy! smile


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As far as opinions go. The more passion you have in your opinion, the more lively the discussion tends to be. It is fun to argue about music. Deep down we all know it is just personal tastes about music. Duh...

But I want to believe in my opinion the way the Church Lady used to say:

"When trouble erupts, power corrupts.

And I think you'll all agree.

I'm just a little bit Superior,

To all of thee...

Hit it Pearl!" laugh

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I was such a good girl that I NEVER went to any groupie parties!!! (All of Eric's groupies had long blonde hair down to the middle of their waists and measured about 42-24-35 -- I just couldn't have competed, so I didn't even try!)

I've never been to a groupie party. I DID go to the Arista One Year Anniversary Birthday Bash at the Marriott Essex Hotel in the Hospitality Suite on the eighth floor, and with no less than Barry Manilow's bass player who invited me because I was so depressed that Eric's band didn't appear that night, but that was it. I got to see Bob Dylan and Clive Davis, met Melissa Manchester and even Barry and have some pictures, but that's all.

I never even had part of a "Topdown" Summer!

Now I see that I've led a very sheltered life compared to the likes of Anthony Cartmill! And there are NO topless pictures of me anywhere -- not even as a BABY!

Anthony Cartmill's Aunt Antonietta would have been more proud of me as a niece than her wild-eyed little errant Italian nephew. Tony, what would she ever say about the nude running and the strait jacket???!!! --Darlene eek

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This flash just came in. "Tony 'straightjacket' Cartmill is being held in custody tonight in Cleveland. He was found earlier today wearing nothing but a sandwich board that declared "ERIC CARMEN IS GOD". There has not been any official comment from the Carmen family. Aunt Antoniette is seeking donations to raise bail for her naughty nephew. Kirk haha

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I found out last night you can't order guacamole with your meal in jail, no matter how much you bribe the guards. Nor will they pipe Eric Carmen over the P.A. to calm the ax murderers. I did score some new designer drugs though. And sadly, against my wishes, my new name is Tonita and I have a new 300 pound biker boyfriend by the name of "Snake". Preaching the gospel of Eric Carmen sometimes comes with a price. frown

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Tony, You're so witty! Where were you when I was

single????!!!! I guess I never looked out in the

street to see people who ran nude in the neighborhood except for a straitjacket! My loss...

Your girlfriend is getting a great guy, a savvy

musician who is very smart. Lucky girl!

Now, all we have to do is help her see the light about how great Eric's music is. I'm sure you'll

do it! smile --Darlene

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