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Originally posted by darlene:

The next Name that TUNE will most likely be something of which I have no knowledge. I'm still back at the starting post with "My Name is Luka."

smile --D [/quote


You're the last person on earth that should need the glass half empty , glass half full speech. Keep in mine there are about 700 posters behind you who have not even named one TUNE yet. Is the glass looking a little fuller now Clarol Queen? Besides if Mozart or Ludwig Von had lyrics who on this board could hold a candle to you?

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I named Darlene "Lemonade Girl" a few years ago because she could take the worst news/rumors about current and future Eric activity (which was mostly lemons back then) and she turned it all into a hopefull, "Keep your chin up, something good is going to happen soon..." Lemonade spin that was so sickly sweet...Who knew she would be right on almost all counts so far?!? spin

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I hear you, Tony - I have been known to have that kind of title among my friends, but I quickly ceded to Dar as soon as I started lurking here... smile She has truly elevated it to an art form.

(And that is a compliment! Not enough people in the world who do opt for the sunny side of things.)

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You know, I kinda feel like Mike Brady right now. I got my arm around Carol, the kids are eating milk and cookies in the kitchen with Alice, and the happy Brady theme starts playing…

Bernie :-)

Bernie, just remember:

Wherever you go, there you are.

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