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V.C. Star comes through!


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Kirk where did this site come from? Any idea whether or not it is connected to Kay's 'official' Raspberries site?


Marv, It's gotta be a Bernie original. It has his fingerprints (style) all over it. The opening screen is the clue. Did he tell me? Nope! Am I sure? 100%


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Sshhhhhh, I just got back from Bernie's office....it's still early so nobody saw me sneak in. I turned on his computer. (His password was easy to figure out: it's 'mustashe'...but don't tell anyone!) On his main screen is a picture of his family, all sporting milk mustashes. He's holding a copy of "Marathon Man" (always the marketer). Kathy's holding the "Tonight" fan pack (she's such a good wife!) On his desktop I found a folder entitled "Dexter". I clicked it....and bingo! I hit the motherlode! It's Carmen-palooza in there! I found the 'Razz05" folder. And yes, I can confirm S.O.B's post. that Bernie is, indeed the creator of the new 'Berries site. I also found a list of all the upcoming, unannounced concert venues (both with the band and solo), newly signed copies of recording contracts with a NYC record company, e-mails from Eric about his favorite and least favorite ec.com board members, PLUS never-made-public close-up photos of Eric in really, really tight yellow pants, circa 1977.

Of course I downloaded everything! Who wants to start the bidding??


(PS, I also have a big bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you real cheap.)

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Hey, Ted - how about we work together on this? You can have the bridge, I take the list of upcoming shows and names of board members from that e-mail. I'm sure someone will pay us an obscene amount for that "yellow pants pic". I'm thinking we can see quite a return on our initial investment with Dave.

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