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Raspberry Ribbon ID for message boarders going to the concert


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Hi Annie,

About the ribbon, I was shopping today and found some ribbon that is printed with raspberries and has a raspberry colored edge. If you haven't purchased the ribbon and would like more details, you can email me and I would be happy to discuss it with you. I just bought a yard, but there is a whole roll on the shelf.


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Away for 11 days visiting my mother. Just imagine - just me and my 3 year old on a 12 hour trip (each direction!). YIKES!

My mother still lives in the dark ages and doesn't own a computer, so I haven't had a chance to check in since I left at the end of September! I haven't seen so much activity on this board since I started here 2 years ago! I sure am excited, even if I can't go to the concert.

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Hi Julie -

I bought ribbon already (you can't believe the arguments i got into with myself over what color is "raspberry" - raspberry as in the red ones on the album cover - or a deeper red to purple)

but the one you found sounds very intriguing too!!!

How wide is it??? I have 1/2 inch wide satin ribbon - maybe we can combine the two with the berry-like applique i found?

Should I send you one of what i have and you tell me what you think???


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Heck, being in the car would have been ok --- I was on a plane! As in:

*no favorite CDs to sing along to

*other passengers to annoy

*no place to stop to get out to stretch your legs and let the child run around for 1/2 hour

*eating the crappy food they give you and not being able to stop at the child's favorite restaurant (and to top it off, they lost my order for a children's meal, so he got roast beef)

*3 hour layovers between flights

*being stuck in a cramped seat

*having to sit in a seat and not on mommy's lap, which caused some massive screaming that severely shocked the pilot.

Driving....HA! Driving would have been heaven! On this trip Beelezbub was my travel agent!

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Michelle - I'm so sorry but I am laughing so hard right now...........

I took my then 15 month old son to Ireland with my parents and he decided to have reaction to his vaccination that day - the high pitched screaming, slightly feverish, nothing makes him happy kind.

My OWN father said in a LOUD voice - "Can't you keep that kid quiet???!!!!"

If looks could kill........ but the attendants found us four seats so that my son could have his own seat and puddle around at our feet.

A couple of years ago - had a late night flight to Ireland with my 2 kids and right behind us were 2 kids with FURBIES. Remember them?????

We were delayed three hours taking off and the furbies were so chatty all night long!!! The mother didn't want to turn them off for fear of losing whatever memories they had built up.

Ahhhhhhh......talk about jet lag.

I love Ottawa - what a beautiful city and a fun place. I love the Parliment light show too.


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I'm sure SOME day I'll look back on this and laugh... probably the day my grandchildren make my son's life as miserable as he made mine.

Oddly, my mom looked strangely happy the whole time we were at her house. Probably reliving the days when she said, "Some day I hope you have children that are as bad as you are."

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Just wanted to say "thank you" again for taking the time to make these ribbons for us....it's turned into quite a project, too.....36 ?? It's a great idea... and I know I'll be looking for our secret "EC.COM sign" on every person I see once I arrive in Cleveland...LOL....it'll be fun to try and guess who's who.....Marlene

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I'll get one when we arrive. By the way, I've been a Jimmy Swaggert board member for some time. I've just been sitting back and watching.... A couple of years ago I got my password but didn't really do much but check the site every day or so. Boy, did that pay off! I'd never have known about the reunion.

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I'm a pretty cool dude, not once did I think wearing the ribbon would be a problem. I will wear it proudly!!!

By the way, today's my birthday and I finally got the book! My wife gave me a hard time when I ordered it (I would never spend $25.00 on a book for myself... yada yada yada)...and pretty much she intercepted it and gave to me as birthday present today.

Bernie, would you be kind enough to autograph it if I catch up with you in Cleveland? You did a hellva job!

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