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Question about Make Me Lose Control


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"Make Me Loose Control" was originally called "Long Live Rock N. Roll," with different lyrics, I actually liked the original version better. The name Jennifer was also used in that version. Dean Pitchford wrote the lyrics to both versions, so maybe Jennifer was an old girlfriend or something.


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Hi, Jennifer. It seems to me, either somewhere in the "Definitive Collection" CD liner notes or somewhere on this website (?) don't remember which, (help me out please, Bernie?!) I remember him saying he had to "use a girl's name," and he used Jennifer, because it was a popular name or something like that (Or maybe I'm wrong and it was for "Hey Deanie,"?) Anyway, I LOVE the name Jennifer.

I fell in love with it because I'm a BIG Robert Wagner fan (I've been in love with THAT suave devil for years!) and I loved his "Hart to Hart" series with Stefanie Powers, who starred as his wife "Jennifer" Hart. (I met them both in Philadelphia when they starred in the play "Love Letters" and they were fantastic people as well!)

Anyway, I love the song "MMLC" and I've always envied whoever "Jennifer" is in the song! I hope someone else will reply with a better answer.

Actually, it sounds like a perfect question for the "Ask Eric" column! Send it to "raspbernie@ericcarmen.com" and ask him to send it to Eric for the Ask Eric column. Then check for the answer. Good Luck! --Darlene

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Darlene, "Deanie" actually comes from the name of Natalie Wood's character in "Splendor in the Grass", I'm not sure about the Jennifer name, but I know it had nothing to do with Jennifer Gray, as the song was written long before Dirty Dancing came about.

Ron, I also prefer "Long Live Rock and Roll", not that there's anything wrong with the revised "Make Me Lose Control", but the original had that hot, humid, carefree youth thing going on with "keep the summer alive", and just makes you smile when you hear it, I really wish Eric would put it out on a cd in the original form

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Hey Jennifer, there are a ton of songs with "Jennifer" in them. Try "Jennifer" by Kyle Vincent or "Jennifer" by the Rubinoos. Oh yeah, and there's always "Jennifer Juniper" by Donovan, or "867-5309 (Jenny Jenny)" by Tommy Tutone.



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I LOVE it when someone sings "Julie, Do You Love Me" to me! I also love Shakin' Steven's version of "Oh, Julie". Barry Manilow did it too, but it wasn't as much fun. But, I digress, guess the topic is "Jennifer" and not Julie shocked (BTW, are people always calling you "Julie"? They're always calling me, "Juli-a" wink )

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Just be glad your name isn't Michelle. I was named after the Beatle's 'Michelle', and truthfully I think it's one of their worse songs. Of course, this comes after years of people singing 'Michelle, Ma Belle' to me wherever I go. Apparently it was my hubby's favorite song as a child, so I guess it's a good thing. laugh

At the time 'Make Me Lose Control' came out, I worked with a girl named Jennifer, and she hated the song, although even she thought it was better than 'Jennifer Juniper'.


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Well, I guess a lot of girls don't like their name! I never hear any songs with my name in it,

so when I saw an album with a song called "Darlene" on it (I can't remember what female country singer sang it) I bought the album.

I went right to that cut, starting playing it and

was appalled. The song was an upbeat, swingy song

about a girl who just screwed her entire life up

in every way, every man leaves her (something about, "and when he stays overnight at your apartment and leaves....!" and the chorus was

like "Whatcha gonna do Darlene?...." So much for

lovely romantic songs bearing your name. I love MMLC and am STILL jealous of "Jennifers."

Oh well... --(Whatcha gonna do?) Darlene

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