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My HOB Scene pre-sale tix arrived!


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Not bad at all - Row B, Section 1.

As soon as I have my Best Buy presale tickets (Row A, section 1 center stage!) in hand, I'll sell the Row B tickets at cost to the first person interested.

If you got tickets through the HOB sale, I hope your happy with your seats.

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Finally got my confirmation email that tickets are being shipped!!! Hooray!!! smilie

Center- section 1 row D. Anyone else in that row? Hope everyone who is still waiting gets their confirmation soon! And thanks for putting up with me while I vented my frustration in several posts. happy I'm starting to get excited!!

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I *told* you guys not to worry! I'm so glad that everyone is getting their tickets. Great seats, too! There may be more madness than method to HOB, but they've always come through in the end. Now, if they can only let us all know about meet and greet opportunities *earlier*...

smile --Darlene

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I am doing will-call. My tix are Row F. Not bad considering I got started late.

Did I mention my baby sis is pooping out on us, but my cousin is buying her ticket from me? Yeah! He missed the first two concerts in Cleveland--my older sisters and I got him all pumped and he can't wait!

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