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Fred Carmen


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I was very fortunate to meet Fred at the first concert in Cleveland. He is quite a charming guy! And he has some very funny stories to tell about growing up with Eric! It was obvious to me that he loves his brother and could not have been more proud of him that night!

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They look somewhat alike.

Somewhere, a while ago, I read some interview with Eric wherein he said that he and Fred have personality traits similar to the comedian Richard Lewis.

I can't imagine the distinguished-looking cat in this picture wildly gesticulating and blurting "Oh my god-I'm doomed!! I'm neurotic! I'm a mess haha !!"

Eric's public personna has been one of unflappability. The Richard Lewis description boggles the mind hypno .

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It's always good to see another member of the legal profession here on the message board. Unfortunately, music and the law have had a very uneasy relationship over the years.

I practice real estate law and very much enjoy the happiness it brings to people. Buying your first home is an exhausting experience but a good real estate lawyer can take away a lot of the anxiety. I used to practice civil litigation but found that some of my colleagues practiced too much gamesmanship for my liking. The real estate bar works much more cooperatively.

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