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Raspberries Tonight! - First Impressions


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Thought it about time someone started a new thread on the subject now that the books are being read.

What's struck me having read it is the depth of feeling the guys seem to have towards the band, demonstrated by the comittment they have given to the rehearsals and getting the songs to sound right. I wasn't lucky enough to be able to witness one of the concerts personally, but the work that's gone into the reunion seems immense and very serious.

Some of the comments from the band about their colleagues show they are proud of each other and the band and I am chuffed to bits that for example Jim refers to himself as being IN the Raspberries rather than "used to be".

After so many years I can now refer to my favourite band being here and now rather than something to be referred to in the past.

And if that wasn't good enough, the day after I read the book I happened to be in a book/record shop close to home on a retail park. I'd never been to the shop before and was just browsing for Xmas presents. As a matter of ritual and without any hope, I checked to see if there was a Raspberries section in the CD racks. To my surprise, there was the recently released Greatest Hits CD nestling in its own dedicated Raspberries section! In shock and vain hope I scanned the bar code under the reader, and lo and behold up came the title and there I was in the middle of the shop listening to my favourite bands' current release!

Now that may not sound like much to you in the US, but in the UK, Raspberries product has been very hard to find for years.

It's nearly Christmas and the magic knows no boundaries!

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Maybe the Raspberries are not in some of the local stores, but check out amazon.com, there's plenty of used and new cd's available. I bought most of my collection online, the music stores just don't carry enough anymore, if you want the good stuff.

It's nice to see it on the shelf though. Good luck! smilesmile

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Angloberry, It does *indeed* sound like a big thing to all of us, as we have ALL been "in your boat" and definitely "against the current"--wishing, hoping and looking in vain for new music, or even old releases by Raspberries and EC in record stores and finding none.

But, to quote Dylan, "the times they are a-changin'"! It is a VERY big thing that your cd was "nestled" in its own category! I used to go around to the record stores with a Sharpie pen, changing the "generic C" dividers to "Eric Carmen" dividers and the "generic Rs" to "Raspberries." I avoided music stores for a long time, because I was disappointed with the lack of albums or cds in the stores.

Well, it's time to visit the music stores again! (I'll take my Sharpie pen, just in case I need it).

Raspberries Magic is in the air!

smile --Darlene

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