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Scott McCarl

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If you tired of tryig to find any "new" music

that moves you, just take the time time to grab a copy of Scott McCarls "PLAY ON" CD....You'll love it, then get mad as hell like me that he, Eric or SOMEBODY didn't follow up on his talent.

He had the whole package..the look,incredible range of voice and songwriting talents to boot.

I hear some of the same hooks and talent in Matchbox 20, but nothing else much out there that combines it all...justs seems a shame that talent like that didn't get heard...makes me crazy.....Scott..you deserve to be heard again as part of ANY reuionion that may or may never happen again.....I was there for the ODEON show

you put together and regret I didn't get to me meet you. although I met your mom and sister earlier in the day at the rock n roll hall of fame.

I hope you get to read this and know your many talents DID NOT go unnoticed. You have many gifts, and THANK YOU for sharing them for way to short of time for us out here......

Dean Tyler

Ft. Myers, Fla.

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I have to admit I questioned the sanity of those on the board that kept talking up Scott. From his Raspberry material I just didn't think he was anything special. But as sson as I played Play On I was hooked. EVERY song is good, most are great. If I want to get any work done around the house I drop the cd in and can't stop moving. My wife loves this cd! It is a waste for him not to put out another one. Speaking of cds,where is that Raspberry dvd/cd already??????????????

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I could go on for hours about Scott! Why Eric and his song "Play On" was never released as a single is a mystery. Should he/could he have been included in the reunion has been debated to death. Suffice to say he is an extraordinary talent, a genuinely down to earth nice human being, and to me always a RASPBERRY!!!


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If you have the "Raspberries off the Vine" concert video you'll see that Scott did a pretty good job covering Eric's vocals on most of the hits (GATW & IWBWY in particular).

That tape was also my intro to the Sittin' Ducks and Jesse Bryson. I bought the Ducks' CD and have since had to replace it twice as I keep wearing the damn thing out!

I'm not sure if "off the vine" is still available, I think I got mine from "Titan Records", the same place I got Scott's "Play On" CD.

Not to steal Scott's thunder here, but the Ducks CD was still available a year or so ago... kmduck@aol.com was the contact email for that one if you want to get in on yet another Wally Bryson group. laugh

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Off the vine video is great, there is one behind the scences clip, I think where they are learning Nobody Knows, and it reminded me of McCartney taking lead in the Let It Be scenes. Scott and Wally kept referring to "he" takes it to this key, etc....

BTW.. most people forget that Nobody Knows was a rare composition that DAVE and Eric wrote together, the 'berries versions of No Reply.

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