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The last time...


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The last time original Raspberries played together:

There was no internet.

There was no cable.

There were no cell phones.

Tom Hanks was still in high school.

George W. was still in college.

Johnny Carson was still on.

All four Beatles were still around.

Drive-Ins still existed.

And the list goes on, and on, and on.

But instead of feeling old, I'm feeling grateful, and the Raspberries reuniting is the reason why.


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Good post...lets personalize...

The last time the original Raspberries played together.........

I was a senior in high school

I was 150 lbs and fit into size 30 waist jeans

My car had an eight track player

I lived 800 miles from where I live now...

I was working in a factory at night

My Dad was 40 (I'm now 48)

My wife wouldn't be born for 5 more years...

Life happens.........gotta live it!


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The last time the original Raspberries played together...

I was living in my apartment, which was the scene of many happy parties, during which Raspberries music played incessantly. One entire wall of the living room was dedicated to decoupaged pictures of, album inserts and newspaper articles about Raspberries. It was the very first thing one saw coming up the stairs from my front door,it was always illuminated and my boyfriend called it "the shrine."

I weighed 95 lbs. soaking wet (add about 23 more lbs to that now...)

I was 26 years old (add 31 years to that now...)

I was single and took off for a Raspberries show whenever they were anywhere near my area.

Both my parents were alive and well.

I had been teaching in public school only six years (add 31 years to that now!)

Retirement was 36 years away (subtract 31 years from that now!)

I thought I could live through anything as long as there was Raspberries music in the world.

I still can....

smile --Darlene

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Not to be a nit picker, Dave, but we still have drive-ins (although there isn't as many as there used to be) and there was cable tv back then in certain locations (although it was nowhere near as extensive as today. Anybody remember the Q channel, the precursor to HBO?) But I get your meaning. I was a school boy the last time they played together and now I'm a grandfather!

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The last time I heard of the Raspberries, their was a Woolworths Dept. Store where I bought the pickwick all variety album, with. Go All The WAy"

on it and "Overnight Sensation".

2) Their was a drive -In, still is around here in Stoney Creek and Hamilton.

3) The price of everything was not so high, the cost of living.

4) I was living with my parents at the age 18 and 19 when the first Raspberries album came out, I think my calculation could be wrong.

5) I was enjoying, The Planet Of The Apes".

6) I was cutting grass for some pervert who came on to me.

7) I was also enjoying my first cigarette, and Dooby. WoW! WHAT A HIGH

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