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Audio File FLOOD!


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The Audio,

From listening to -"Everything", I thought Keith Barbour did a tremendous job.

Guns N Roses- made me click too quick.

You know, I think Johnny Mathis and Glen Campbell would have also done a tremendous job on "Everything" also

The voice of Keith Barbour had me think of that.

That would be great.

I love that song too.

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All of the new treats are great, Bernie...But I was especially pleased to hear Floyd Cramer's version of "Let's Pretend"...I've heard alot of Floyd Cramer's music from my time as a country DJ...But I never heard that!..."Let's Pretend" is the finest song I ever heard Floyd Cramer play...The sweet melancholy comes through loud and clear...It's like the theme from a movie where you know the love story is gonna make you cry...and smile...all at the same time...

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I think that Floyd Cramer cover holds a special place in Eric's heart, too. It was the first "official" cover of any of his songs. He had written songs for other singers like Oliver and Freeport, but this was the first time another artist covered a song that he sang himself. I believe the Floyd Cramer LP with "Let's Pretend" came out the same year as Fresh.


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Me too, it's just got just a little different feel to it..

I remember a few years ago, someone posted something on a thread, and I can't remember exactly the content of that discussion, but I remember his post was something like "listening to Eric's music, I can't single out one song that I don't love"....and I remember at one of the reunion shows, remembering that post, and thinking the very same thing !!! Which leads me finally to what I'm trying to get at wink ...can you only IMAGINE the music/lyrics dancing around in Eric's head that haven't actually been written yet ?? (or that WE just haven't heard ???)

So...officially, one of my wishes for the brand NEW YEAR, is some brand new Eric Carmen/Raspberries music !!

(oh dear...Kathy, am I rambling again ???

eekwinkhappy )

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