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Found 4 results

  1. Rory Storm 1960, our newest member posted a recommendation for a band called "The Grip Weeds", to which Dave from Equinox posted a link from back in March of 2011 when he started a thread with the video of The Grip Weeds performing "The Speed of Life" (By the way, it was REALLY good, I LIKE THEM ). This then lead me to the end of that video with the multiple choices on the screen to click on and see something else start up for your listening pleasure. Well, looking at the pictures I noticed The Grip Weeds had done a cover of "Lies", I played that, thought it was pretty good, too, but got me to thinking I wanted to hear the original version I was certain the Beatles had done, as I remembered hearing it before. BUT GUESS WHAT ???! THE BEATLES DIDN'T DO "Lies", it was a hit for The Knickerbockers back in the 60s !!! Courtesy of AllMusic.com --- Title & Composer for "Lies" Tom Bailey / Beau Charles / Alannah Currie / Terry Ellis / Denzil Foster / Cindy Herron / Maxine Jones / Joe Leeway / Thomas McElroy / Buddy Randell / Dawn Robinson / Khayree Shaheed The Knickerbockers' "Lies" is justly regarded as the most accurate early-Beatles imitation. Even many years after its original release, there's still a good chance it can fool younger listeners who weren't around to hear it upon its original release in late 1965 into thinking they've stumbled across a Beatles song they somehow haven't heard before. The secret of its success -- and actually it was pretty successful, making the Top 20 -- was that almost all blatant Beatles imitations focused on the lighter, poppier side of the band. "Lies" hardly ignored Beatlesque pop hooks, but it also emulated the Beatles' toughest, hardest-rocking side. It sounded like it could have somehow fit into their "A Hard Day's Night", "Beatles for Sale", or "Help!" albums, yet was not explicitly derivative of any one Beatles song. Like several prominent Beatles songs, it's unusual in that it starts with a chorus, Ã la early-Beatles ravers like "Can't Buy Me Love," "When I Get Home," or "Anytime at All." The group's shouts of "Lies!" are immediately answered by a tough, almost gnarly brief angry guitar riff. The aggressive lead vocal is amazingly like that of John Lennon, and perhaps the single trait most responsible for convincing many that this was a Beatles record. . . . . heck of a long list of composers, huh ? wow! And here is the video I came across of The Knickerbockers on Youtube (thru The Grip Weeds post that Dave from Equinox had up on the board in 2011) The slight "British" inflections in some words they sing make them sound so spot on to the Beatles that I thought for certain this was the Beatles I had heard -- Since that was not the case, I was wondering, does anyone have any other songs that they heard that they were certain was one artist(s) but turned out to be another artist(s) that surprised you ? This can't have been the only incident, so share your song "misheard" as belonging to another . AnneNR 6 6 __/
  2. I found this article, and was mildly surprised by it. Courtesy of the Huff Post --- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/05/beatles-things-you-didnt-know_n_5648410.html AnneNR
  3. Ever been surprised by some in the music industry that HAVEN'T died as we might have expected them to do? I sure did, I mean, who hasn't said to themselves or others --- "GEEZ! How have they stayed alive this long??!" I came across this little gem, and it does make one wonder why they haven't passed on yet --- nothing short of miraculous to me ---- . . . and this is just the "Top 10" noted . . . how many others are there ? AnneNR
  4. Okay, so I am watching an episode of "Shabat Night Live" from Aviv Moon studios out of North Carolina, part of a series called "A Rood Awakening", and the host-- Michael Rood-- introduces a composer-musician Brad Bailey for a music spot near the end of the program. Now I know what a "Banjo Guitar" is, my hubby plays guitar and told me about this instrument and that it is something he would like to acquire --- but --- the musician I mentioned was using something I have never heard my hubby speak of : a "Bass-Banjo-Guitar" !! This has got to be one of the coolest things I have ever heard played upon recently, and I am wondering if there are any other musicians and/or musical groups that use this neat stringed instrument !??? I kept thinking there was a bass player somewhere behind him, then they showed the close up of the strings, and the upper 3 were black, thick and very rubbery looking, and the bottom 4 (I think it was 4) were steel strings. It essentially sounded like Brad Bailey was accompanying himself. Does anyone know of anyone else who uses this instrument in their songs????? I'd like to hear more compositions using this Bass-Banjo-Guitar. AnneNR 6 6 __/
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