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  1. Hello Eric: I was wondering if by any chance you'll be touring in the near future. As I posted in my intro to everyone, I'd LOVE to hear "Make Me Lose Control" live one day, if possible, as whenever they play the CD at work with that song on it I sing and dance to it and crack everyone up--LOL!
  2. Hi Eric - Where are you and what are you doing? I don't claim to know the answer to either, so I am asking you. You and I both know you have visited this board at least several times in the past few weeks. Yet, there are no posts from you. Is it that you don't have anything to say? Please don' feel pressured, but I would like to hear about what is going on with you (I speak only for myself). Yes, I saw your performance that is posted in the forum, but it tells me nothing about...what is going on with you. Take care...hope to hear from you at the campfire..soon.
  3. Eric The song sunrise is amazing With the haunting opening and energetic rocking closing and inbetween the upbeat lighthearted melody It blended very well and seems challenging to get it just right Can you tell us more about it THANKS
  4. Eric do you have one book you would pick as your favorite that helped in obtaining the knowledge you were searching for on any given topic
  5. Eric-"Entertainment Weekly" says "Almost Paradise" will be part of the new "FootLoose" film. Good for you my friend!
  6. Hey Eric Do you have a favorite city and arena that you enjoyed the most while performing in concert ? THANKS &PEACE
  7. Hey Eric I was wondering what determines when a fade out ending would be used on a song Is there a certain criteria applied or just a personal choosing ? And Thanks ! PEACE
  8. Eric Could you list 3 or 4 of your favorite songs from the Early British Invasion...Say from about '64 to '67,68... Please cyber-friends What are your faves too? Would ya mind tryin' to list mainly singles ...So most of us recognize those tunes you picked.... Only one rule.....Picking the following tune may result in a 6 month suspension from the board!- Ira.
  9. Eric i read you intended for the original title to be Desperate Fools but then decided on Change of Heart as the album title Can you tell us about it I like the way the album opens with the overture and closes with the actual song of Desperate Fools
  10. Taken from the 1988 Summer Olympics album "One Moment In Time"... I can't believe its been twenty years already. I always liked this song, continues the "Hungry Eyes/Make Me Lose Control" period.
  11. Eric what raspberries song do you feel paved the way in defining the bands sound that you built around from that point on ? And thanks Brian
  12. Eric hi You mentioned before that there was two camps of your fans Solo and raspberries Now with the recent sucess of the raspberries shows with ABM in the set Do you feel the music has been embraced finally as one? Peace Brian
  13. eric,i thought wallys voice was excellent before he quit smoking!!! can you elaborate more on what you think,in his voice,has improved??? tone,range,stronger,etc...and how did he quit?? i'm getting close to that decision too..getting old that smoking thing!! lol,chris
  14. Anybody else jonesing for a famous Eric post-game behind the scenes commentary like only Eric can do regarding the potentially significant HOF show? (thats officially a nudge
  15. Eric, how about providing us, the fans who won't be able to attend the HoF show, with the ultimate 'fly on the wall' experience: When time permits, could you give us details as to how the rehearsals are going, what songs the band is working on, and any other aspects of the planning for the show? Most of us are not likely to hear anything about this show until it's done, so allowing us to live vicariously through your eyes, would be something that I think many fans would love. Thanks in advance.
  16. Eric...How was it last night at The Rock Hall??? How was the crowd....the performance.....the food....meet anybody famous????
  17. Eric In writing your music do you ever change your approach based on the theme of the album Or do you apply the same principles each time? Thanks Brian
  18. ...magically sounding in the middle of the night... ERIC: I'm in a small town Capilla del Monte,in Cordoba province, Argentina. I use to come here every summer,on "Uritorco" Mount,a very energetic place. Last week, being here on Uritorco (very late in the night at 11:45 pm),I was getting a taxi, going to a Pub with friends. The moment I got into the taxi it suddenly began sounding your VOICE (beautiful and tender)—It was the local Radio Station playing your song "LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS"...sounding here, in the middle of the mountains,in a remote town in Argentina,in this strange place... I was so moved, it was so magic!!! There are no words to express my feelings Eric. I really hope you do know how special you are, your great music, your great mind… Nothing is perfect—just these instants are perfect. These moments of perfect clarity, anything else...And you must know, Eric, that sometimes when your voice or thoughts are suddenly sounding on the air, whenever you are...you make it possible. You create and re-create some of these perfect moments. THANK YOU SO MUCH! LOVE for you all from far away, Andie PS: Mount Uritorco is acknowledged as a site of unexplained phenomena ranging from lights seen at its summit to possible UFO landings, as well as metaphysical theories involving dimensional doorways and hidden underground cities...
  19. Eric hi Considering all the elements that need to fall into place during a live show to acheive the perfect balance of sound What do you feel is the most challenging aspect ? And thanks Brian
  20. I spent 2 hours last night listening the COH album.... I am intrigued as to how I get the vibe that people don't dig this album (as much as others)... Eric, I don't have the album credits in front of me, but somehow I seem to recall that you credited as the producer.... I think the musicianship on this record is awesome! Production-wise it reminds me of the BeeGees albums of the same era....Clean, great guitar licks all over the place, grooving bass lines and vocal stack-o-trax galore. The piano playing is delightful, very playful and imaginative... Eric, as an example, the guitar riffs....how does it get onto tape? Did you arrange/compose the guitar parts, or does the guitar player do that in "rehearsals" while teaching/learing the songs??? Does the producer "ask" for "a sound"???...The inter-play between the guitars on this record is clever to say the least....sometimes the album sounds so "full of sound" when in reality the "rock-band" instruments are quite minimalistic (like the BeeGees)...the interplay between the instruments makes it sound like a HUGE number of muscians are playing.... What was your process????...and why does it seem that this LP gets dissed??? bahoo
  21. Eric, You have mentionned before that there are som things that you are not "the best at"....so I suspect that teaming up with people has been an important element in your musical career. I am not sure how a producer is hired for the making of a record, (I assume the record label names one?) but I know that sometimes producers and artits just don't see eye to eye. Like most talented composers, I am sure that you have a musical vision for your songs...using your imagiation and learned arrangement skills, you can almost "hear" the way the song should be constructed...It seems to me that you teamed up pretty good with Jimmy Ienner and fared less well with others (Gus D ,etc)... What makes a winning producer/artist relationship for you? Is it with a producer who manages to capture your vision onto studio tape???...or are there more elements involved?? bahoo
  22. ira

    "The Wrestler"

    Eric...Have you seen Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler"? Even when I was a kid I noticed that Top 40 Radio only had so many slots and that when you went cold you were doomed to purgatory. Even when I was a kid I noticed that similarly...the various "WWF" TV shows had so many slots and dropped you as your popularity waned....suddenly you're "Superfly Jimmy Snuka" and you're fighting at Lynnewood High School with the "Iron Sheik" instead of toplining at Madison Square Garden! The parallels are obvious to me between wrestling and the music business. To quote the great Bill Withers..."Just keep on usin' me...till you used me all up". I go to some "Oldies Shows" and see these groups gettin' paid nothin' and signing and hawking their own CDs much like Mickey Rourke is schleppin' his old video tapes,action figures, and Polaroid camera to these third-rate venues to make a few bucks and recapture his "Glory Days". Together with what you've told us about God-Awful Raspberries bookings in the 70's...this awesome movie made me think of the illusion versus the reality of the music business as you have described it...and how it's not much different than Mickey Rourke's wrestling reality in "The Wrestler". Have you seen this extraordinary film? If so...What did you think of it? BTW..Marissa Tomeoi looks Damn Good!-Ira.
  23. I had the pleasure of speaking with Carmine Appice a few months ago and he talked about touring Japan and recording with you. Nice guy. That got me thinking... I always wondered why you chose (or somebody chose) to put bagpipe on "Tonight You're Mine?" Don't get me wrong, I like 'em, they definitely work, but it was a very unusual choice. Was that before or after Big Country tried, and momentarily succeeded, to popularize the sound of pipes in rock music? How did it all go down?
  24. Eric hi The arrangement with the fiddle you and Wally collaborated on is pure magic on LAST DANCE how did you guys come up with that ? WOW is an understatement And Thanks PEACE Brian
  25. For no particular reason I sat down for a few minutes yesterday to figure out the bassline to "My Girl." Holy Guacamole! THAT's what I love about your music! I know you have commented on this song on these boards before, but wow... Where did that come from? I know you were doing the Brian Wilson tibetan-mind-trick-bassline-thing, but to come up with that melody line to go with it? or vice-versa... Man! I can listen to most of your songs and hear an echo of some other pop/rock moment of days gone by. I'm perplexed with "My Girl!" It simply sounds like no other record I've ever heard. Really, Eric, what were you thinking of when you wrote the music to that song? Was there any influence other than Brian Wilson? More than any other composition of yours, that song stands out to me as your "musical signature." It's just so clever in its construction, energetic, punchy and at the same time so NICE. Good on ya! I'd be fascinated to read your recollection of the creative process that produced that song and how its realization struck you at the time. Like, did you think it would be your big single? Thanks, Drupy
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