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  1. eric,knowing you are a tom petty fan,have you seen this documentary? i posted elsewhere here on this but wanted to know if you've seen it..it's a REALLY good dvd to see..the crap he went thru,and the great things/times he talks about is fun viewing and very up front..lol,chris
  2. What do you know about Andy Bandell. I posted this in another area, not realizing that this seems to be the best way to get my question answered. Did he play drums for you? I heard a rumor that he did.
  3. Hey Eric: Whatever happened to your plans to play a solo concert in Cleveland? If I recall correctly, the date you had secured was grabbed by Barbra Streisand. Is the solo concert still something you're considering? Thanks Rich
  4. Eric...My lovely wife Lorie and I had the pleasure of seeing Neil Sedaka Saturday in fabulous Ocean Grove New Jersey. Neil is a graduate of the "Juliard School of Music" and is...like yourself.. classically trained. His show ranges from the 60's fare of "Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do'" and "Happy Birthday Sweet 16" to his more fully realized pieces like "Laughter In The Rain","The Hungry Years","Bad Blood" and the fabulous "One More Ride On The Merry-Go-Round" a "Charles Aznavour-ean"-like piece done beautifully by opening act...the wonderful "Jane Olivor". I was curious what your opinion was of the music and career of Neil Sedaka. Also...I gotta mention that I have only attended 2!!! concerts in my entire life where the applause after every number ranged from whoopin' and hollarin' to standing and cheering.Not one song met by merely polite applause. Those 2 concerts are...... 1-Raspberries in Cleveland December 2007. 2-Neil Sedaka in Ocean Grove N.J.-July 12,2008. Here's Neil doin' Solitaire"...which like your "All By Myself"...is his most recorded song.Enjoy -Ira.
  5. Eric - Just read this article on the BBC website: "Ageing rock musicians are set to be paid for their recordings for the rest of their lives under a European Union plan". Performers currently lose the rights to their recordings after 50 years and most musicians had contracts requiring them to pass royalties back to their record labels. How is it in the US? Do you lose your rights after 50 years? I hope not! ac
  6. Eric, What are you listening to these days ? Do you have any new favorites ? Are your children into Jonas Brothers? B
  7. Went to the Rock Hall today and saw the guitar you played in Ringo's All Star band...I've never heard of a Hamer! Why didn't you pick some standard guitar, like a Strat or Les Paul????
  8. Heck it can't hurt to ask, right? What's keeping you busy professionally? Is it rewarding? What's your 'work week' like? Dave
  9. Hello..Rich Reising here writing from Cleveland....somebody tell Eric I need to call or write him.......he lives all the way across town and gas is expensive these days....RR
  10. Eric, You are the Master at the Crafted Pop Song. Knowing what a machine Nashville is and the formula they use to craft a Country song, I was wonderin;... as a writer... Ain't it time to put your Song Crafting abilities to use and blow away the Country Scene a little? Hee Haw, Man! Come on!! The Gauntlet has been thrown. ( I had to look this up; "It medieval times, the "glove" thrown down was the metal hand armor worn by knights, or as the hand armor was called, the gauntlet. Today gauntlets are still the signifier of a challenge issued. Throwing down the mitten just doesn't quite do. So the gauntlet is thrown and the duel is on.) Put on your Cowboy Hat and start writing. Like Dick Van Dyke or Jonathan Winters could get into character. Sounds like a fun project to me. Zucco
  11. Eric, 1. How did Peter Cetera, who prides himself on writing his own tunes (except for soundtrack work), get a hold of "IWTFT"? 2. Did you have anything to do with the Cetera/Bernard recording? (arranging/advising/playing instrument?) 3. When you were writing it, Did you envision the great harmonies in the chorus like that duo recorded? Or, did you hear it more like you recorded it? I figured you did it sans harmonies because they already recorded with. I would have loved to hear the conversation between you and Peter about that song...
  12. if this has been asked,disregard please..eric,have you produced other bands in the studio before? if not,would u and what bands/person would u like to?? lol,chris
  13. Hi Eric: When you performed Never Gonna Fall in Love Again on the Midnight Special in 1976 who played back up for you??? I watched it recently and it flashes to the faces of four members...I understand a back up group called "Magic" I think backed you on All By Myself??? Is it the same band??? Thanx in advance Margo
  14. you played back in February of 1975 at Papa's Dream in St. Pete during a show (I think you were just diddling around waiting for someone to fix something on stage) - what was the name of it Eric??? It was damn good whatever it was - I never really thought about your classical abilities until I heard that.
  15. Hi, Eric! I have a string octet (3 first violins, 2 second violins, a viola and two cellos) playing the arrangement you gave me permission to do of NGFILA on the Spring Concert in one of my schools. Not only do the kids (and everyone else who hears them rehearse) love the song, but it presents the perfect opportunities to educate the kids, and the concert audience as well, about Carmen and Raspberries music. Since I teach in the hall in that school (we don't have an instrumental music classroom), everyone who passes by (and that's EVERYONE!) comments about how beautiful the piece is, so I do a lot of "educating." Do you have any comments or suggestions to the kids (they're Clayton's age--10 going on 11) about playing the piece? They'd be thrilled to get a message from "the composer" that I could read them on the evening of the concert, if you read this in time. (The performance will be May 13th). Thanks for your consideration. --Darlene
  16. eric,when was your first encounter of "getting" music theory?..i know in my head what works,but never have totally figured it out..is it a numbers thing??!! what's your play on that?..lol,chris
  17. And for everyone else who isn't familiar with Steve Marriott
  18. Eric...As I was reading the credits on a really good CD I picked up a coupla years ago..."The Best of Peter Cetera Live"...I noticed that the song "After All"...his duet with Cher (...which BTW is featured in the movie "Chances Are"...a silly piece of fluff which somehow everyone in the world has seen on cable and actually loves...) was written by Dean Pitchford and Tom Snow. I assume that somehow Peter's collaboration with Dean Pitchford led to his recording your lovely, lovely, "I Wanna Take Forever Tonight"...which you wrote with Dean. Could you tell us something about the process that led to Peter recording this wonderful tune and how Crystal Bernard became a surprisingly (to some) teriffic part of this endeavor. Thanks-Ira. Here's the video for this tune with Peter Cetera and Crystal Bernard...
  19. Eric, Since you answered Sherberries plea for a LA concert, I am asking you for one in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area! I have been a fan of yours and the Berries for as long as I have been a Steeler fan. I never had the opportunity to see you or the Berries in a concert. When you had the 2004-05 reunion, I had not even heard of it until I became a member of the board. I think I may be the only member of this board who has never seen you perform live. I think you like it here in Pittsburgh or in the surrounding area during the summer. The weather is beautiful. It is like living in paradise. We have many great concert halls, just ask Huey, Hall & Oates, Nickelback, Chicago, Eric Burdon, Pat Methany, John Mellencamp, The Clarks, Donnie Iris. You get the hint.
  20. "He's got his arm around every man's dream, And crumbs in his beard from the "Seafood Special", Oh can't you see my world is falling apart? Baby please the biker, Leave the biker, Break his heart". From the fabulously "tongue-in-cheek" song "Leave The Biker" by "Fountains of Wayne". Eric...Many months ago I asked what you thought about "Fountains of Wayne" and you replied (to paraphrase) "Smart music for smart people". Someone else said of "FOW"...that they reminded him of "Raspberries" with their wide-ranging musical styles...but with a much more limited lead singer. I agree with both reviews. Adam Schlesinger...the main writer of the group reminds me of you Eric in that he is a master of so many genres. He wrote the Oscar-Nominated song "That Thing You Do" for the wonderful movie of the same name. He wrote "Pop Goes My Heart" (A wonderful and intentional "Wham" parody)...as well as other original music for the otherwise formulaic film..."Music and Lyrics" with "Drew Barrymore" and "Hugh Grant". Now he has co-written the music for "Cry Baby"...the Broadway musical that hopes to echo the success of the musical "Hairspray". Eric...when I listen to your music...I know that you write in a broad range of styles and that you could sit down and write teriffic songs that reflect any musical period or any musical style. Have you considered ever doing more original music for movies or writing music for a Broadway show? IMHO...as great as he is...Adam's got nothin' on "Our Man" Eric. I'd be really eager to read your response.-Ira.
  21. Hello Eric, A question for you about a couple of songs... I'm sure that all of us fans have sung along to your solo songs and Raspberries songs for 3+ decades now, and most are terribly difficult to sing even though it seems that the melody is simple enough. One example is "Let's Pretend"; there is something about this song that makes it hard for anyone to replicate your vocals - maybe it's the different octaves involved? Another song that is very similar to this is Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". I don't see too many people trying to cover this song, and if they try, it usually sounds horrible. I'd be interested in your thoughts on these tough to sing songs. Thanks, Tim
  22. Eric: Is there any music from "today" that you like to listen to? My favorites include Seether's Remedy and Rise Above This. I also like Staind's So Far Away and Right Here. I also love to listen to Chris Cornell. I think he has a great voice.
  23. Eric...You have written a number of songs about the act of making love. You have beautifully captured the essence of adolescent yearning in such songs as "I Wanna Be With You"...("We're almost there...so hold me".) In "Ecstasy" you write...("'Cause when I'm home...Just wait till I get you alone".) But nowhere have I ever heard a song that captures the essence of romance,seduction and lust like "Sleep with Me". I sense wine,candles, and real love...and also unbelievable passion and heat in the bridge... I'm just tryin' to make you understand the things I feel for you, Gonna love you every way I can, Until you let me through, Won'tcha let me throgh, So sleep with me and be mine tonight, I only wanna hold you in the morning light, And show you just how good it all can be, So if you want my love, Then take my love, And never set me free, I need you so...So darling sleep with me. Eric...Is this a song that you perceive as a very satisfying and accomplished piece of work? I'm no musician...Just a fan...But I think "Sleep With Me" is absolutely teriffic!-Ira.
  24. Hello Again Eric, I want to share with you why I have this big frown/sadness inside my heart...it is because although I have always been respectful, kind, honest, sincere when asking you questions why do you leave me "All By Myself" and never reply to me? *Vera*
  25. Eric - how was Kathryn's birthday? Did she get any cool stuff?
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