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  1. Tell me Eric, who's the blonde girl in this video?
  2. Which one do you like better: A) B) C) D) None (I actually like Sheryl Crow's version by a hair over 5th Dimension... with Streisand a distant third.)
  3. Eric...Today's "New York Times" had this fascinating article about the battle between the "Cleveland Plain Dealer's" long-time Music Critic and the "Cleveland Symphony Orchestra". Can you share a little with us from your perspective and knowledge of your city,this newspaper, and this world-renowned orchestra? I'd love to hear yor take on this.-Ira. __________ Plain Dealer’s Music Critic, His Beat Changed, Sues Paper and Orchestra By Daniel J. Wakindec A classical music critic who was removed from his post at The Cleveland Plain Dealer after a history of negative reviews of the Cleveland Orchestra’s music director struck back on Thursday with a lawsuit. The critic, Donald Rosenberg, charged that orchestra officials had waged a “campaign of vilification” against him and that his bosses at the newspaper had caved in to demands that he be ousted. “It’s key that people realize that journalists have to be given the freedom to operate without pressure from outside sources,” Mr. Rosenberg said in a telephone interview. Mr. Rosenberg stressed that his complaint was directed at the orchestra’s management and not its musicians. Mr. Rosenberg’s case became a nationwide cause célèbre among music critics, a dwindling breed in a time of newspaper cutbacks. They said a prominent, knowledgeable voice had been silenced by an influential local institution. Mr. Rosenberg remains at the paper as a music reporter and dance critic and writes some music reviews, but not of the Cleveland Orchestra. The paper in September assigned a former intern who had worked with Mr. Rosenberg to do that job. Mr. Rosenberg’s suit, filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Cuyahoga County, names the newspaper and the orchestra’s parent, the Musical Arts Association, as defendants. Also named are Susan Goldberg, the newspaper’s editor; Gary Hanson, the orchestra’s executive director; Richard Bogomolny, its chairman and president; and James Ireland III, a board member and former president. Mr. Rosenberg, 56, charged the defendants with defamation. He accused orchestra management of tortious interference with his job, and the paper and Ms. Goldberg of age discrimination and violating Ohio’s free speech principle. The suit seeks damages of at least $50,000. The Cleveland Orchestra responded with a forceful defense of its right to criticize the critics, saying it was expressing opinions, not defaming. “It’s a funny grievance coming from a lifetime reporter, that the people that he writes about have an obligation to stay silent,” said Robert Duvin, a lawyer for the orchestra. “We don’t have the same platform, so what we have to do is write letters or have meetings. You guys get to publish every day, and bring the hammer down as often as you want to on anybody you want to.” Mr. Duvin said he could not address the specifics of Mr. Rosenberg’s lawsuit. But assuming it were true that orchestra officials had urged his dismissal, he said, “So what?” “I consider what he wrote to be the equivalent of urging the removal of the music director of the Cleveland Orchestra,” Mr. Duvin said. “There are many people who considered his relentless negative assessment, when contrasted with worldwide praise, to be personal, petty and vindictive.” The lawyer said it was natural for orchestra management to react strongly to such an assessment from its hometown paper. “He doesn’t like what happened,” Mr. Duvin said. “That’s too bad. We didn’t like it either, for years.” Ms. Goldberg said Thursday she had no comment, but in a previous interview she said outside interests had not influenced the paper’s editorial decisions and called Mr. Rosenberg’s job change an “internal personnel matter.” Mr. Rosenberg covered the orchestra for nearly three decades, first for The Akron Beacon Journal and since 1992 for The Plain Dealer. He has long been known for faulting the Cleveland Orchestra’s music director, Franz Welser-Möst, although he has also praised him on occasion. Other American critics have also tended to be negative about Mr. Welser-Möst. Europeans are generally more positive. The lawsuit traces Mr. Rosenberg’s problems to a column he wrote in 2004 while traveling with the orchestra on tour. The column quoted Mr. Welser-Möst’s comments to a Swiss magazine in which he spoke of using charm to raise money from “rich widows” and took note of the “blue hair ladies” in the orchestra’s audience. He was quoted as saying that not even $5,000 would get a handshake with the maestro but that $10 million would guarantee dinner. He also compared Cleveland to “an inflated farmer’s village.” A public relations official for the orchestra told Mr. Rosenberg at the time that he would suffer “consequences,” the suit said. A “punitive and retributive campaign was launched” by the orchestra defendants, it said. Mr. Rosenberg said he was banished from the orchestra’s executive offices at Severance Hall to a tiny room to write his deadline reviews after being falsely accused of having gone through the public relations director’s papers. He said he had been barred from rehearsals, backstage, tour parties, the players’ bus and interviewing the conductor. Orchestra officials urged the paper to remove him, he said. Orchestra management also told Mr. Rosenberg’s editors that he had left concerts that he was reviewing before they were over, the suit said, and made a presentation of his reviews to a former editor of The Plain Dealer in an effort to soften the coverage. Mr. Hanson and Mr. Ireland met with Ms. Goldberg in January to complain, according to the suit, and Mr. Hanson told Ms. Goldberg that the relationship between the orchestra and Mr. Rosenberg was “irreparable.” The next month, Ms. Goldberg warned Mr. Rosenberg that his “consistently negative” and “predictable” reviews had compromised the newspaper’s credibility. —The New York Times, December 11, 2008
  4. ira

    Frankie Valli

    and the Four Seasons! Eric...I surely remember your thoughts on "El Putz Grande" Sandy Linzer...who co-wrote "Opus 17" and "Workin' My Way Back To You" for the Four Seasons and tried to turn the Raspberries into "Eric Carmen And The Four Reasons" (I also met the guy and..YUK")..But I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are regarding the "Four Seasons". This group happens to be the first group I ever loved...I had 16 of their singles back in the day that you bought singles 'cause...more or less...till the Beatles...Rock And Roll Albums sucked. I never thought of Frankie as an incredible earthy bluesy singer till Billy Joel inducted the "Seasons" into the "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame" and talked about how you could hear the streets of Newark New Jersey in Frankie's voice...And Billy was right. Of course...with the success of the show "Jersey Boys" there has been a renaissance of adoration for what Bob Gaudio and Frankie were doin'. Do you like their music? -Ira.
  5. "We're All Alone" is easily one of my favorite ballads ever. I don't listen to enough Boz Scaggs, though I really dig his music. Back in the Boats Against the Current era, Boz's Silk Degrees was one of the other LPs I'd play a lot. It's solid from top to bottom, and it holds up VERY well. I've always liked that husky, soulful voice. Anyway, "We're All Alone," a live performance in Japan:
  6. I know your heart and soul belongs to pop/rock, but I was thinking how cool it's be if you released a cd or even a dvd of classical piano. I will admit, ABM is *not* one of my favorite Eric Carmen songs, but the piano in it sends chills up my spine... I'd *love* a cd or dvd of you at the piano, sans pop/rock. Have you ever considered it?
  7. Eric, can you tell us who inspired "Deanie"? Love that song...especially the bridge!
  8. ...were bands you toured with. Did you hang out with these guys at all? I'm a fan of these bands (especially America) and think it would be interesting to hear insights into them as people/musicians. Is there anything about these guys, or your experience touring with them, that you can share? Thanks in advance..
  9. Eric....we just returned from Legacy Village by way of Cedar Rd.....Did you know an artist's rendition of you hangs in the Giant Eagle(the grocery store) at Legacy?????
  10. Eric-When I think of controversial figures I think of President Bush,Dick Cheney,Al Sharpton,Bill O'Reilly,Keith Olbermann,Marilyn Manson,...and in some crazy way...Barry Manilow. Here's a guy who some people treat as a "Punchline"...Others adore...and his concerts are wildly popular. IMHO there is no disputing his talent and yet though I like him alot even I find myself sometimes confused. His very succesful albums featuring covers of 50's 60's and 70's songs NEVER/EVER surpass the originals! Yet may of his hits...Both authored by others and written or co-written by him can really move me. To me- "Even Now"...A song co-written by Barry and Marty Panzer is such an incredibly,articulate, bittersweet,beautiful,credible, and poetic song about an old love that still matters that it rates with such great songs as "Another Auld Lang Syne","Since I Fell For You" and your own "The Way We Used To Be" and "She Remembered". Eric..Barry was your labelmate. Could you please share your thoughts re' Barry Manilow? Thanks as always and Happy New Year-Ira.
  11. ira

    Christmas Query

    Eric...I have some sense of your views on religion from the board and from having the real pleasure of talking to you at WAB V. But I was just curious. I am as ambivalent about my religious Jewish upbringing as one can be...and not being Christian...I certainly have no religious associations regarding Christmas. BUT...I truly enjoy the beautiful houses with Christmas decor set against the grey winter skies as I walk my dog Styxx each night. I love how people try to be nicer to eachother for just a little while. I loved the movie "A Christmas Story" and I love much of the music...especially "Felice Navedad" and Lennon's "Happy Christmas". So I guess to me Christmas is like Thanksgiving or Chanukah..a time that I can groove on people and family and friends and not ponder the religious underpinnings which really don't speak to me. I know this may be personal...But are there aspects of the Christmas season you enjoy apart from the religious implications? Just curious. -Ira.
  12. Nope, no Donna Summer thread here. Eric I was wondering, when you hear one of your songs on the car radio or elsewhere, do you find yourself humming / singing along? On a recent Letterman show, Springsteen was asked the same question by David.
  13. Dear Mr. Eric, I write to you from Italy, I play piano and I love your songs very much. The last month, I heard the long version of "All by my self" for the first time and I found it beautiful especially the solo piano in the middle time of the song. Since then I've tried to find with no result, the score to learn that "solo piano"; can You help me? Thank you very much Eric I wish you a merry Christmas Alberto
  14. EC, on the Starting Over album, there is the classic tune "Hands on You"... It was as I recall also the "B" side of "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)"... I've always wondered about that song... was it a "spur of the moment" recording or did you guys plan the "party atmosphere" that seemed to be going on. I always imagined that you guys were sort of relaxed and cutting up... maybe having had a drink or a "hit" or two..., though as the second verse begins one of the voices calls out "Come on you Turkeys!"... and I've sort of always suspected that was you... because I know you are probably the most "perfectionist" member of the band, either lineup... So... was that you? Who "shined the moon" that someone referred to? Who brought it up on the record? ("Look he fell... he shines a moon... HA HA HA) Was the song ever intended to be recorded more straight-forward or was it always intended to be a "prank/joke"? It carried on the "bad-boy" theme of "All Through The Night" quite nicely, and was a great counterweight to the more loving "I Can Hardly Believe That You're Mine" and "Starting Over"... I know it's probably one of those songs that you sort of wish had never happened, but it did... and Enquiring minds want to know...
  15. Eric...and everyone else in our little (?) family...I'm curious...What are 2 or 3 of your favorite Motown songs? Without a doubt my top 3 are... "This Ol' Heart of Mine"-Isley Brothers. "What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?"-Jimmy Ruffin. "Just My Imagination"-Temptations. FYI..BTW...It's official...It's not just my opinion that Rod Stewart's take on "This Ol' Heart Of Mine" sucks... It was actually adjudicated in 1999 by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case known as "Ira vs. Stewart"...that Rod's version officially sucks. -Ira.
  16. eric, It hit me the other day that I have never seen any footage of your playing uptempo piano solos....most of your playing occurs during ballad or epic tunes... I have been playing piano since maybe 20 years (by ear), and still cannot play solos...neither can I on guitar (35 years)...Also, if I remember correctly you had some other guy (jake...josh...???) playing blues rock piano stuff on Starting Over... You are such an accomplished pianist....I would LOVE to hear you rock out doing a solo like Billy Joel does on some of his tunes ( ex Italian Restaurant)... Bahoo
  17. Eric, as you know, I am not on the board much because of my health right now and it is difficult to type a question to you...that being said, I just got finished listening to "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" and I wondered, that song like so many other of your heart-wrenching melodies obviously comes from a place deep within you..my question is this: How do you honestly keep on singing them when they are from a very painful experience/memory-isn't it like reliving that sorrow each and every time in a way? I just had to ask because I am so profoundly touched. *Vera*
  18. Eric...I read that Zac Efron the hottest guy in L.A. from all the "High School Musical" films and a fabulous turn in "Hairspray" has been signed to star in a new version of ""Footloose". Good for you! I hope that they retain "Almost Paradise" and that they approach you and Dean Pitchford for some new music. Eric...You know what you mean to me...And I truly hope this is a windfall to you. Your friend-Ira.
  19. ..on the les paul concert from you??.lol,chris
  20. I'm never going to stop thinking about this until I ask it, so here goes. When you performed ABM I noticed the ring was spun around a little. Was it in your way?
  21. Hi ya Mr. C - I am coming up for renewal on the cel phone and since you are the only one I know who has the I-Phone, what's you take on it now that you've had it awhile? Are you going to upgrade? thanks - annie
  22. you went to Clayton's piano recital - well - how was it?
  23. I borrowed this Eric Clapton title so I could go on for a minute or two about the "Tonight You're Mine" performance from Japan that we all just viewed! Eric...Ya know I'm biased...But I've seen alot, alot, of concerts...and that is one ass-kicking performance! Are you able to look at that show and say..."Man that was good"! I heard Sir Paul watched that video yesterday on E.C.Com and said... "Stella...How the hell does he rock like that?...I thought my "Maybe I'm Amazed" was pretty good...But THIS beats the S#@T ot of it...Wow!"
  24. Eric, In case you are ever around, I hope you enjoy this piece by Ferrante and Teicher... These guys are damn good! Enjoy, Phil
  25. Hi Eric: Just wandering, everyone is always talking about their fav guitars here...do you or is there a fav piano you like to play...I mean to you, is there a better sounding one and currently how many do you have in your home...or just one favourite that you and Clayton tinker on? "By the way if this has been asked and answered before, sorry and I will take any answer
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