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  1. This must have been an Arista anniversary special? Tim
  2. Eric: I have seen many different musicians as guest panelists on this show from John Mellancamp to Will I Am. Would you ever consider going on the show to discuss the politics of the week? I think you would be outstanding on this program.
  3. When I was a kid, I remember listening to WABC in New York, and living in New Jersey, I remember that you could hear the Beatles, followed by the Four Tops, followed by the Lovin Spoonful to be followed by any number of different artists at any given time. You could hear the Mersey beat, r and b, doo wop, anything, it was what was hot and current, but more importantly, you liked what you heard and what you liked was what was played. In retrospect, it was "magic", a chance to listen and dream and escape and emulate the big stars. Eric, to me this was the "magic" that fueled Raspberries, and why, in Cleveland, Ohio, the harder edge that was the norm could be united with the pop simplicity that made the British Invasion so refreshing. I have read when you mention artists that you were influenced by and admired and always was impressed by how you would mention artists such as the Searchers and Lesley Gore. Given todays music, and how to me, a lot of it is formulamatic, I again have to say thank you for the reunion tour and for the fact that you, Wally, Dave, Jim, Scott and Mike could make that great music as Raspberries, and that you could stay true to yourself when you went solo. Thirty plus years since first hitting the scene, the music has stood the test of time and still is a testament of what rock and roll is all about. I always wish that radio could go back to those magical days of the mid sixties but I guess that would be asking too much. These days, radio stations are too narrow in their context, not enough styles are played on the same station. What do you think of Radio today Eric?
  4. Eric i was always fascinated by the remarkable job you did in I CAN REMEMBER where you transition over from the touching piano melody into Wallys guitar It seems like a challenge to get it just right And you did Can you tell us about it AND THANKS
  5. ... to perform this TUNE live or to record a cover of it.Love this TUNE and I can definitely hear you singing lead on it: Reflections Of My Life / Marmalade
  6. ...is still an Influence on young Argentine musicians?
  7. I'll probably be thrown off the board for this one...But Eric I wondered if you saw the surprise 2007 smash...The Computer Graphics driven amimated film "Alvin And The Chipmunks". I bring this up for a coupla reasons I'm fascinated by David Seville AKA Ross Bagdasarian. He was the typical multi-talented guy who came to Hollywood to make it big.He acted,sang,..but his big success was with novelty records. His first big success was with his cousin much-esteemed writer Willim Saroyan with whom...believe it or not...he wrote Rosemary Clooney's "C'Mon-A-My House". Then experimenting with tape speed-ups he recorded the classic "Witch Doctor". Then going a step further he tripled the effort and created the "Chipmunks". The reason I bring up this film is that when I watched it on HBO one night I thought of you Eric, and what you have taught all of us about what a "Whore" industry the music business is...and this innocuous "Family-Friendly" film really skewers the music business. And from a music history point of view...During the closing credits...We are shown pictures of various "Chipmunk" singles,TV shows, movies, and albums in correct chronological order. My point being that in this frothy,commercial,critically -lambasted throw-away film...There were obviously a coupla people involved who knew what they were doin' and were kinda communicating something genuine to us music lovin' "Baby-Boomers" that I found kinda cool..And I just wondered Eric if you caught this film with your kids and if you kinda enjoyed the subtext of this supposedly innocuous G-Rated Kiddie Movie..-Ira.
  8. Eric i recall reading where John Lennon said if the Beatles had stayed together longer their style would have evolved close to what ELO sounded like How do you feel about The Raspberries Would the band have tweaked its style if you stayed together longer?
  9. Eric, how was it working with Danny Korchmar, Russ Kunkel and Leland Sklar, aka "the Section" on the Change of Heart Album? If I am not mistaking, they were working with both Jackson Browne and James Taylor, especially as part of their touring band during the time around Change came out. I especially remember Danny's guitar solo on "End of the World". They seemed to be a tight unit.
  10. Those of us who have been on the "Board" awhile remember the following "clip" from the first season of "Showtime's" fabulous vigilante serial killer series "Dexter" where inexplicably "Deb"...Dexter's lovelorn sister... is groovin' to "Make Me Lose Control"...hairbrush-microphone in hand..."Chic-Flick" style when her latest no-good boyfriend calls. Eric...I also noted that when I did a thread on "TBS" and asked what shows people enjoy on cable...you listed "Dexter". What do you find special about this show? I find it absolutely compelling. After retirement in 4 and 1/2 years I too am seriously considering a second career as a serial killer who kills serial killers. It's just gotta be more satisfying than the last 16 years that I've spent working for the "Bureaucracy From Hell" that we affectionately call the "New York City Board Of Education". In all seriousness catch this show or rent or buy this show! Any other Dexter fans out there? Just tonite I woke up in the middle of the night...watched 2 episodes from season 2 and now at the oh-too-early hour of 5:35 a.m. EST...I'm writin' about it. "Try it...You'll like it". -Ira.
  11. Eric....If fate had not made you a musician....what other occupation would you be doing now??
  12. Eric hi Can you explain the advantages of being your own producer I think i remember reading where you said that you would record Hungry eyes if they let you produce the song AND THANKS !
  13. As a kid who grew up in the 60's I really like Paul Simon. This song which originally came out in 1970 is done by Alison Krauss of Champaign, IL. Her voice is just pure angelic to listen to. Her violin is not bad either....What a great combination of songwriting and singing and musicianship.... Enjoy, Phil
  14. Eric, is this your song on their album from 1970?
  15. Have these Sweet fans on their website FORUM laughing at Eric ever taken a good look at Brian Connolly's feathered mess? My girlfriend has always said that Eric's hair is sexy! I've aspired to that look for years, I just wish I had enough hair for it.
  16. Just for fun, and using the criteria that money, time, and death are not obstacles... WHO would you pick as your ultimate accompanying band? Other than Wally, Dave & Jim of course...
  17. Eric...As I've often reflected...many great "Raspberries"' hits reflected "Teen Angst" so beautifully. (See "Go All The Way","I Wanna Be With You","Ecstasy","Let's Pretend"). I was wondering...the 60's "Girl Group" records which were so wonderfully aped in "Grease" ("See "Hopelessly Devoted To You")...songs like "Eddie My Love","Baby It's You","My Boyfriend's Back" were unabashedly commercial...were meant to cynically sell records to the new burgeonig teen market with some shekels to spend...yet many of us love these records. As a musician do you feel that songs like "Soldier Boy","Leader Of The Pack","Johnny Angel" have any artistic merit? Do you feel that some were well constructed commercial tunes by pros ...many of whom later loomed large in the "Pop Universe"...or do you regard them largely as throw-away efforts.? Here's a GREAT example. "Whenever A Teenager Cries" was recorded by "Reparata And The Delrons". ...The group was from Brooklyn New York and the lead singer took the name Reparata from a Nun/Teacher at their school!-Perfect for the times. -Ira.
  18. Eric first and foremost your music has touched my heart and soul You are a brillant artist ! Did you and Burton Cummings ever work on anything after Boats ? You guys sounded awesome together on Marathon Man ! Such an inspiring song! Love the arrangement! THANKS for your time Eric GOD BLESS
  19. Eric, Hypothetically, since you are obviously extremely familiar with all three composers styles.. if you were locked in a studio for 3 months, what would be a more productive orignal songwriting colloboration? McCartney-Carmen, or Lennon-Carmen? Since conventional wisdom acknowledges the many similarities between you and Macca, would that be a benefit or hinderance? Would you read each others minds, crank out songs and lyrics, like no tomorrow, or do you think someone different like Lennon would be the ying to your yang as Paul and John did?
  20. Eric...and alla you guys...What're a coupla things you enjoy in music,groups,movies,T.V.,foods etc. ....that really surprise you 'cause they're not usually your style. I'll start by naming a coupla things I surprisingly...to me....like: 1-I don't consider myself "Ira Master Funk"... But I REALLY like "Brick House" by The Commodores.("She's mighty mighty" gets me every time.) 2-I don't consider myself "Ira Country Parton"...But I REALLY love what I've started listening to by Alan Jackson and I recommend him strongly. What about you Eric...And what about you guys out there...What are some things you enjoy that go against the grain of what you usually enjoy? Please write soon.-Ira.
  21. Eric... just wondering if you have a favorite Spinal Tap moment... in the movie and one in your band that was a similar experience?
  22. Tell me Eric, who's the blonde girl in this video?
  23. Which one do you like better: A) B) C) D) None (I actually like Sheryl Crow's version by a hair over 5th Dimension... with Streisand a distant third.)
  24. Ah, here's a tougher one.... Which "Mr. Tambourine Man" do you prefer? I love Dylan and his folksy original treatment. But if I had both in front of me, I think I'd play the Byrds' version first. Yep, this might be a rare case where the coverer outdoes the coveree, so I'll go with the Byrds' jangle. Am I wrong?
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