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  1. Eric, A publication recently came out with an article on one of our heros...Paul McCartney who turns 64 this year! (When I'm 64). Included in that publication is a quiz on Sir Paul...so Eric give us your answers...and anyone else too! 1) Paul McCartney does not own the rights to which of the following songs? a) I Love Lucy Theme b) "Love Me Do" c) "The Christmas Song" ("Chestnuts roasting") d) "Get Back" 2) What is Paul's nickname? a) El Guapo b) Big P c) Macca d) The Walrus 3) The original title of "Yesterday" was? a) "Scrambled Eggs" b) "Far Away" c) "Come and Gone" d) "Something Dumb" 4) Paul's first musical instrument was? a) Guitar b) Violin c) Piano d) Trumpet 5) Which of his songs does Paul most frequently list as his favorite? a) "Hey Jude" b) "Here, There and Everywhere c) "Yesterday" d) "Let It Be" 6) A young Paul failed his audition to join which of the following? a) Liverpool Cathedral Choir b) Gin Mill Skiffle Group c) Rory Storm and the Hurricanes d) Royal Academy of Music 7) What did Paul do after getting his first serious girlfriend pregant in 1962? a) Offered to marry her b) Neglected her as he threw himself more fully into his work with the Beatles c) Broke up with her when she miscarried d) All of the above 8) Which of the following pseudonyms has Paul not used? a) Paul Ramon b) Apollo C. Vermouth c) Dr. Winston O'Boogie d) Bernard Webb 9) Having originally hoped to play lead guitar for the Beatles, Paul realized his wish on which of the following songs? a) "Sexy Sadie b) "Taxman" c) "You Can't Do That" d) "Let It Be" 10) Paul wrote the title music for which of the following movies? a) Vanilla Sky b) Spies Like Us c) Live and Let Die d) All of the above As I said this is a very reputable and well known publication...so I assume all is accurate. I will follow up with the answers..Have Fun!!! and Good Luck! Phil
  2. Eric, One of the most entertaining things about your music is the way you use "oohs" "hey" "Ah" "OOO" "Git" "yeah" 'hah" and other clever percussive grunts, groans, etc... Also, you use a clever tactic by hiccupping/stammering a note ( ex: Am-m-m-m-erican as apple pie)or repeating a bar (ex" Oh , I wanna, oh I wanna, ooo I wanna OH! I wanna woo you all night on the beach...) These percussive vocals sounds and repetitive or alliterated phrasing is pretty exciting in a song and they give the songs extra color and texture, not to mention delectable set-ups for upcoming solos, choruses or middle eigths. I was wondering if you learned these techniques from recording with a producer, or did you develop them from singing live on stage, and then transferring that vocal energy into the studio? bahoo
  3. Hi Eric, I don't know much about the technical parts of music, I don't know much about keys, reading music and all that stuff, I just know what I like. So, I'd like to ask about the song, "High Cost of Loving." I haven't seen much talk around here, so I'm probably way off base, but that sounds like a very, very difficult song to sing. The way you start singing low and then go high on the "High Cost" parts just sounds so difficult. I really appreciate that range and I doubt there are very many artists that can pull it off. Could you comment on that song? Is it as tricky as I think? Thank you. Scott
  4. Eric I was checcking out some old videos of The Raspberries and wanted to ask you what was that Vox amp you were using ? was it one of those AC30s ? it looked bigger than a AC30.
  5. Eric, having heard the Pete Cetera version of , I believe, I Wanna Take Forever Tonight, have there been further inquires from other artists to record any of the other great songs from Winter Dreams? I thought that I Was Born To Love You would become the second "pop standard" in your remarkable career. Could you also comment on the US release, some time after the original import release?
  6. Hi Eric, I have a question regarding your Arista solo catalog. Would you ever consider buying the rights to your Arista solo recordings and putting them out on cd on yor own? It's anyone's guess if the day will ever come that Arista reissue's your solo records on cd here in the USA. John
  7. Eric: The song "Make Me Lose Control" reminds me of another song by Canadian singer/songwriter Ian Thomas (who had a Top 40 hit called "Painted Ladies" back in late 1973) called "Coming Home" (which was released as a Atlantic 45 single back in 1978 but did not chart in the U.S. but a big hit in Canada). The song has a Beach Boys feel. Have you heard of the song?? Back in 1993, Ian released "Looking Back" (Hits including songs also done by America "Right Before Your Eyes" (1982) & Santana "Hold On" (1982) which was written by Ian) & worth picking up. Matt
  8. You admire Brian Wilson and wrote in his style. What was it in his arrangements that inspired you?
  9. Since most of us agree that these 2 are the strongest unreleased songs we've heard (Plus "Temporary Hero"?), Do you feel the same, and would you consider recording them with a new arrangement for a future release?
  10. I've alway wondered what the inspiration was for this song. Was it about a particular girl or relationship? Did you sit down and write it as a complete piece or did you put it together in sections over time? How did your bandmates and The Tooth react when you first played it for them?
  11. Eric, Can you elaborate on the story/rumor of Joe Walsh wanting to play in Raspberries? I know Mr. Walsh always appreciated harmonies and melody, so it would have OK for him, and he knew/played with Jim. Was there ever any discussion, and do you think it would have been a good, if not interesting idea.
  12. Mr Carmen, answer if you feel like it. Maybe lie down on the couch?... 1. Do you still have a passion for songwriting? 2. Do you think in the future, you will have a surge of songwriting ideas again? (Maybe when the kids get a little older) 3. Since I'm having my first kid in 3 months, Did you find your music creativity lessened when you had kids? Well, it looks like our time is up... I hope you answer these...
  13. Eric, I'd give anything to hear you sing the full version of "Everything". I'd also do the same to hear "I Need You". Is there even a remote possibility? I remember buying Frankie Valli's LP many years ago just to hear that song because I'd heard it was written by you.
  14. Eric-you've spoken many times about Brian Wilson.I just finished watching a video of the Beach Boys at Live- Aid 1985-and I'm reminded that Carl Wilson sang like a heavenly angel.I've also seen him sing "God Only Knows" and "Caroline No" live and it was astonishing.Add to that "Long Promised Road" on "Surf's Up" and I think this guy was damn good.He also always seemed like a really centered, decent, man.What are your thoughts about Carl Wilson.-Ira.
  15. Eric, The story you tell of how Pitchford literally gave you an envelope with lyrics, and you wrote the music overnight on your own (without even knowing the indended pace of the song) is great. Follow-up question. I remember discovering the 12' extended vinyl remix record in the 80's. Just curious, how much involvement did you have , or for that matter any artist, have when an extended remix/dance remix is issued after a released single? My memory is losing me, but I believe you had a good story about shooting the video too. SS
  16. Eric, I would like to ask a question concerning harmony. Most music fans know that Brian Wilson in his youth admired The Four Freshmen. He taught his younger brothers in their bedrooms how to sing in a way very similar to them. Which brings up my question. The Four Freshmen have been touted by some as "the most innovative and imitated jazz vocal quartets ever to record." They had a unique concept of singing "open" harmony, moving the third and fifth notes of a chord an octave higher or lower, using ninths and elevenths while dropping root notes of a chord. They involved a pair of brothers and of course the Beach Boys had three brothers and a cousin. The BeeGees had three brothers, etc. Raspberries harmonize very well. Did you in writing and then perfoming the music you wrote for the group ever deliberately try to do "open" harmony? Whaever you guys did..worked and is a joy to listen to. Phil
  17. i'm asking again..and will keep asking..have the raspberries shown/played each other original ideas/songs to one another?..we as fans are not reporters or not trying to break possible pending contracts...blah,blah,blah...WE just wanna know if it's been brought up amongst u guys or not!! it would be nice just to at least know this FOR NOW!!!!!lol,chris
  18. eric,are there any specific things u do to warm up your voice before hitting the stage? or the other guys for that matter? lol,chris
  19. Eric, After The Raspberries all the band members put out an album. I thought that they were all good but in different ways. Daves was a great story telling cd. The more you listened to it the more you were drawn in. Jims was the purest "Pop Rock".(laced with GATW chords) There wasn't a bad song in the bunch. I was dissapointed that it really didn't capture or showcase his full talents on the drums. No "Thunder Boy " explosions. Wallys,with son Jessie was the most technical and had several kick ass songs with great layers of harmonies.Wally did a killer job in the production of it. The title track Dry ,is pure ear candy when you slip on a set of headphones. Can you give us your favorite or comment on them individually ?... be careful ! Jeff
  20. Eric, what do your kids like to listen to? My son is 5 and my daughter is almost 4. They can pick out Beach Boys harmonies within a few notes, McCartney and Ringo (not Lennon or Harrison, yet...), Wally's distinctive opening riffs, any Van Halen riff (love the Brown Sound! ), R.E.M., Geddy Lee's wailing, Elton John, and any of the popular Kelly Clarkson songs. It's really funny to see 20 kids at daycare milling around during the verses, then in unision jumping and screaming "SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GOOOOONE!". At night they like to fall asleep to classical music. We're trying to instill a love for all music, and while my daughter isn't crazy about Van Halen, she can pick it out (daddy, that's your ringtone song!). XM is on all the time in the house and car, and we mix it up quite a bit.
  21. e, I was wondering if you followed professional sports much and if so what is your favorite sport AND who are your favorite teams?
  22. Sure would be great to have you perform here? Any chance of that happening???
  23. e, i just want to say you were a great role model for me when i was young playing my piano and rocking out with my guitar ! and i just want to ask you How did you stay out of trouble ?
  24. Here's a question I had for you, Eric: You mention George Martin as your producer in the "Fantasy Band" thread; who are a few other pop and rock'n'roll producers that you admire? Also, in your mind, what makes a good producer? I've always felt that the best ones are sort of transparent: They're so good you almost don't know they're there. Like Jimmy Ienner. Conversely, you can tell from a mile away when someone like Jeff Lynne has had his hands in something. (As much as I like ELO, probably because that was the first concert I ever saw, back in 1977, I thought he was heavy-handed on things like Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever and the Traveling Wilburys, not to mention the Beatles' two-song "reunion." It's fine for his own band, but no need to ELO-ize everything he does!) Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts....
  25. Hello Eric, I kind of a "light" question for you. I have not read "Marathon Man" - Shame on me, so I'm not sure if this is discussed in the book or not, but I was wondering if you have saved a copy of each of the albums (Solo or with a band) that you have been involved in? It could be a reel-to-reel, 8-Track, Cassette, Album, or a CD. I have a hard time parting with any music that I bought in the past, and there are a lot of items including your 1st solo project that I have on 8-Track, Album, Cassette, and CD - Yes, I still have a working 8-Track player/recorder! Tim
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