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  1. Eric, Just want to ask you if Paul Rogders was ever an influence on your vocals. If so which phase of his career did you admire the most and which of your songs do you think your vocals resembles his. John
  2. Eric, Thanks for your answer about all the time you spent in your younger days listening to the vocal and instrumental tracks of all your favorite records. I do have a question about one of my all time favorite records. I was a senior in high school when one day they said on the radio they were going to play the new Beach Boys song. I will never forget going to cross country practice and hearing "Good Vibrations" for the first time. WOW! I had never heard anything like that before.I had heard Elanor Rigby just before it and months earlier Satisfaction and Mr. Tambourine Man. But this was in a class all by itself. It just totally blew me away! You had to have really been overwhelmed when you tried to take apart all the layers of that wall of sound on your stereo! It has so much in it. Did you ever figure it all out to your satisfaction? What did you think of it the first time you heard it? Phil
  3. The NPR website has a neat interview concerning the newly released Capitol CDs of the Beatles american albums from 1965. Question for Eric, They talk in hear about the difference between the HELP album as far as the mono vs stereo version. They also talk about how they had different intros on them. Also, on the stereo one since it was recorded on two tracks you had left side instruments and right side voices. Did you use to listen to the left and right sides to try to discern the words and harmonies on one side and the different instruments on the left side? Did you ever do it to the Beatles recordings? Thanks, Phil
  4. Eric, Recently got to see the Broadway show 'Jersey Boys' about the Four Seasons. Being a fav band of mine (1st LP was their 1965 Golden Hits), I watched the show, floored at the biographic info that's offered. Whether even half the scripted info is factual or every bit true, those guys (like many bands) had tough, tough lives.... while their music certainly touched & pleased many folks and (I believe) shaped much of rock n'roll. Without intending to get into the details of their career (or the factualness of the show), I was wondering if you felt/were influenced by the Seasons work, especially considering the vocals. I'm not citing a deliberate similarity, but it strikes me that their use of doo-wop based harmonies might've been something you and the Raspberries saw something to reference. BTW, as we came up 8th ave & crossed 42nd for the show, my wife pointed over at BB King's and said "think this'll be as big for you as that?was??" (referring to the NYC shows). I said "could be... but they're kind-of in different places in my internal musical 'library' though". I have to reflect a bit more on it, but what I will say for now is that those were two phenomenal performances. July 23rd was incredible (ok, ok.... yes it was wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than the Broadway show!!!) Respectfully, Jeff Bryant
  5. OK, here's what inspires this. I was listening to my XM Radio '60s channel the other day and heard for the first time a song I recalled Eric mentioning years ago as the first 45 he ever bought--"Got a Girl" by the Four Preps. And I had to laugh, because the theme of the song is essentially that this guy has a girlfriend, but he knows he has competition for her heart. Because even in her locket, she has pictures of Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Ricky Nelson, Bobby Rydell and Elvis. So, Eric, I wanted to ask...was that the song that made it first dawn on you that "chicks dig rock stars...so I'd better be one"? And yeah, I'm teasing!
  6. Curious question: any interesting memories of Raspberries (or solo) album cover photo sessions? I'm mainly asking about Raspberries sessions since the out-takes from "Fresh" look like lots of laughs were had (you know, okay, who sits in front, etc.) and you had Bob Gruen shooting the inner sleeve of "Side 3" and Richard Dilello (Beatles photo/author of "The Longest Cocktail Party," and who also shot Badfinger's "Straight Up" cover) doing the photography on "Starting Over." I always thought the inner poster on "Starting Over" would have been a better album cover than what Capitol came up with. Not having a say in album covers must have been frustrating. Don
  7. Eric, in Marathon Man you mention that the bridge of "My Girl" was Chopin. Other parts of the song are pure Rachmaninoff. Have you done any other songs that had the influences of two master classicists in one song? By the way, I think "My Girl" is a masterpiece unto itself. Thanks. Kirk.
  8. Hello Eric, I often confuse my family and friends with my taste in music. One day I can listen to Barbara Streisand, Michael Crawford, and the soundtrack to 1776 - The next I can listen to Raspberries, Beatles, & The Who - and the following day I find myself listening to Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, & Aerosmith. I also enjoy some R&B/Funk (Prince, Rick James, The Gap Band, Commodores, etc...) Is there anything you listen to that might take us by surprise? Tim
  9. Eric: Did the late Canadian piano player Glenn Gould did influnced your music?? Matt
  10. Eric-were you a sports fan as a kid? I had a few questions.Did you enjoy watching Jim Brown when you were growing up-and was he a real God in Cleveland when you were a boy? Was there something unique and progressive about Cleveland in the 40's and 50's that fostered the debut of the first "African-American" ballplayer in the American League in Larry Doby, as well as one of the few, and one of the three greatest Jewish ballplayers to date, (along with Sandy Koufax and Hank Greenberg) in the person of Al Rosen.Did you have any sports heroes-if so who? As a 55 year old- sports idol worship to me- is a thing of the past.But my memories of watching Mantle and Maris in 1961 with my late Uncle Herman are still precious to me.Thanks.-Ira.
  11. This was a line from Simon and Garfunkel's "Old Friends", from 1968 or thereabouts. I recently listened to their new-ish reunion concert CD and heard that song, and of course the line has an added resonance now that the singers are approaching the age of 70. Paul Simon almost certainly did not anticipate singing that song at such an age. As has been mentioned elsewhere, Paul McCartney is turning 64 this year...a number that must have seemed impossibly distant for him in 1967. Pete Townshend wanted to "die before I get old". And I'm sure we've all heard the anecdote about Mick Jagger refusing to sing Satisfaction once he reached his 40s. So, my question is, are there any similar anecdotes/lyrics in the Raspberries/Carmen canon? Or, perhaps more interestingly, any lyrics that the author no longer wishes to sing?
  12. About a month or so ago I saw Philip Seymour Hoffman on 60 Minutes and he told Steve Croft that the very first time he thought about being an actor was when he saw a girl he liked in the hall at school and asked her where she was going and she told him she was going to try out for the high school play. Of couse, he followed her and the rest is history. Jimmy Buffet writes about his realization that the girls paid more attention to the guy at the party playing the guitar. Again, the rest is history. I've heard a number of stories how it's been the quest for the babes that has kept the rock and roll ranks filled with performers. Forget the creative urges, it's more of a sexual urge. Creativity comes later. How true was that for you, Eric?
  13. I remember hearing in a Paul Simon interview that one thing he ALWAYS does is make the first lyric of his songs a real statement, such as "A man walks down the street" or "I am just a poor boy". Do you have any tricks or cues that you ALWAYS include in songs you write, either lyrically or melodically?
  14. Hello Eric, Reading your thoughts on the postponement of the "first" Raspberries reunion reminded me of the "A Walk Down Abby Road" tour back in 2002. When my brother and I found out you were collaborating with Todd Rundgren, Jack Bruce, Christopher Cross and Mark Farmer we were very excited and immediately bought tickets. When we found out you were no longer part of the tour, we tried to get a refund. They wouldn't give us one, so we drove the four hours to see the show. We are so glad we made the trip. It was a fantastic show. Hearing Rundgren do "Open My Eyes" and Bruce doing "Sunshine Of Your Love' and "White Room" live were alone worth the trip. Mark Farmer's "Bad Time (For Being in Love)" was outstanding. I was surprised how good Christopher Cross was in concert; I figured he was all "studio". Of course, all The Beatles covers were great to hear. We agreed that the only way the show could have been better is if you had participated, and just couldn't help but wonder why you didn't. You received very good reviews for the Hawaii show. Care to share?
  15. tgp

    Be My Baby

    Eric: Everyone always seems to talk about "The Loco-motion" but I always enjoyed "Be My Baby" quite a bit more. Any thoughts on the choice to cover that song. And have you ever heard John Lennon's amazing full-length version? (Not the one on Anthology but the one that includes the second verse..."I'll make you happy baby...").
  16. Eric, I enjoyed your story about how your aunt would take you to the CSO rehersals and let you observe. It had quite an influence on your life. Have you taken your son to any of the CSO rehersals or performances? I remember so well taking our oldest daughter when she was in middle school to the Peoria Symphony concerts. (This is the same symphony that Dar Brandt played violin in back in the sixties!) She was very interested in violin and excelled at it. In fact, in high school she was first chair all four years. Now at 28 she lives in Boston and gives private violin lessons to kids 7-14. I am so glad that we took her to those symphony concerts and encouraged her interests. Phil
  17. eric,is it my older ears or just my brain..but do the 1rst 3 raspberries albums/cd's ..whatever...have a slight distorted sound overall as compared to a "cleaner" sounding starting over album???..i'm referring to "raspberries greatest" if needed..if i'm right,do u know why that is??lol,chris
  18. Hi Eric, Just want to ask you what were some of your favorite moments and recollections of the Dirty Dancing tour? John
  19. Eric-I am going to plagiarize myself.Back in the day I posted this query.On Paul's first post-Beatle single-"Another Day"-his voice comes out of the radio with no intro.It is dramatic.It is terrific.It is the first time the world is hearing him solo.It announces "Here I Am"-or so I've always felt.The opening of "Let's Pretend' is every bit as dramatic -every bit as wonderful- if not moreso-as the opening to "Another Day".When your voice comes out of the radio with no intro- and the words -"I can't sleep nights"... fill the air -it is magic.It is known you admire Paul's work.Was his song an influence on how you opened "Let's Pretend"? Pleae share some thoughts with me on the genesis of this great song.Thanks-Ira.
  20. Eric: The Raspberries song "Should I Wait" reminds me of The Byrds "Feel A Whole Lot Better". Did David Smalley was influnced by that song?? I wish that Tom Petty do the remake of "Should I Wait" because Tom did the remake of "Feel A Whole Lot Better" from his solo CD "Full Moon Fever" back in 1989. Matt
  21. Eric or anyone else, What is a good age to start my 3 year old playing piano... is the Suzuki method still considered the best start?
  22. I was listening to "American as Apple Pie", and it got me to thinking, there are no Raspberries songs with cowbell. How come?
  23. EC, when you have the time, could you tell us in a long nutshell paragraph or two, how you finally gained the rights and royalties to your compositions from the record exec leeches you dealt with in the 70's? Include the clauses in the contracts and how you legally OVERCAME the typical obstacles that have victimized so many talented artists over the years. I know it would be an inspiration to all us wannabe songwriters how you won the battle to really get paid for the work that you created. And is the rumor true that your brother Fred helped you do this? Thank you in advance...Take your time...
  24. Eric, what do you feel was your most creative period? I remember reading somewhere that artistic creativity peaks around age 27. Your mileage may vary... Paul
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