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  1. Eric, I always enjoy watch all your videos I found on YouTube: you, sure, have magnet inside of you. Very sad we don't see you enough.... You are very talented person and...... you owed us a lot of new songs.... Eric, what do you think about Leonard Cohen ..... Still sexy- very graceful aging.... We look forward to see you and hear your new best of the best song. Natalia
  2. Eric, To enjoy your new Essential CD to its fullest, do you recommend we pursue a CD copy or a download version? I spent the day yesterday in an NYC recording studio and asked the audio engineer the same question. He definitely recommended the CD version. Downloads, he said, can be extremely good, but will never have a totally accurate compression level (or whatever it's called). A CD, on the other hand, because it's as close to a first-generation as the consumer can get, will ALWAYS contain the audio-levels the artist intended. Your thoughts? Dave
  3. I was just listening to this tune this morning, and was reminded about how incredible those background vocals/harmonies are, and that majestic bridge. The liner notes say that the vocals were arranged by Bruce Johnston, but I was wondering how much you had to do with the arrangement, Eric. Thanks.
  4. Always wondered..The seldom heard opening to Berlin's "White Christmas has him observing the palm trees and supposed L.A. bliss. ..and yet preferring a White Christmas. .Your great "Desperate Fools" conveys s similar message.. Was Berlin's tune any sort of inspiration?... ( though I do realize many havev found L.A. to beless than "Almost Paradise"...)
  5. Eric will you be touring for the new cd when it comes out, oh i really wish you would,please please please make nc one of your stops
  6. Do you still perform at Cleveland house of blues? I have never seen you perform, and would love to see you.Please let me know. I live in a small town 30 min.outside of Charlotte NC.I have loved listening to your music for awhile now.
  7. Eric, You worked along with many musicians...(Davey J, Burton, Beach Boys, Nigel etc...) I suspect some did their tracks without you there...did you get a say on who played, who's take ended up on the mix, etc? Did you also have the arrangement for their part already scored out? How did the process work? Also, with which session musician did it "click" best? Bahoo
  8. Hi Eric, I know you are crazy busy, but want to share how happy I am to know "Hold Out My Hand" "Get the Message" & "Sparrow" will be on the CDs coming out in the fall. Is the longer and certainly more classical version of "Sparrow" on the new CD as well - or somewhere? It would be an amazing pleasure to hear the song and music as you as you originally intended. Thanks baby xo
  9. Hello Eric. Were you aware of how many fans you had outside of the US when you were in concert /touring? Are you aware of how many fans you have now? You created an impact in me that has lasted a long time, and I consider you a genious in music. One day I will get to meet you and tell you in person. That is my goal. I live now in the US but I was born and raised in Guatemala. I remember my Dad telling me I was "crazy" listening to your music, if he could only have sat down and LISTENED he would have come up with the same opinion as me. You are a genious, either you believe it or not. And you impacted my life with your music and your art. Eres muy talentoso y guapisimo on top of everything! All best,
  10. From the Boats Blog, we could see the effort you put into getting the lyrics exactly right. It was interesting to see the song evolve into the Boats that we know (without the background vocals, of course!). I wonder if you've ever wanted to change a lyric after it was too late...after the song was recorded. If so, does it drive you crazy to hear the song without the change? Would you care to share the song and lyric with us...if such a song does exist. Thanks.
  11. Hi eric. I wonder what it was like for you in the beginning. Back when you knew you wanted to be in a rock band, and you spent every moment working toward that end. What did that feel like? Did you have any enjoyment during that time, or was it all about working on the next project? I saw a video where all the guys were playing ball, laughing, and enjoying themselves. It struck me that you were not in any of them. I pictured you hold up in some dark hotel room, writing another song. At what point did you relax and start to enjoy yourself? Pj
  12. Eric, If you were to pick the top 3 musical things you could have done (whether through offers you turned down, or chances that you could have taken, or recording-wise etc) that looking back now, you wish you would have done...what would they be? Bahoo
  13. Bahoo's new job! Selling Kawais and Rolands!!!
  14. Hi Eric. I got a Nook for Christmas, and my first book was "Marathon man" I now have these Barns and Noble gift cards that are burning a hole in my pocket! LOL I know that you are an avid reader, so I would love your input. So many books have been written about 911 and the JFK assassination, that I have no idea where to start. Please tell me your favorite books on the subjects. Thank you so much. Pj
  15. May I please ask Eric a question? I just recently heard your song "waiting" I have fallen head over heels in love with it! It's my understanding that you wrote this song at the tender age of 12! My gosh! What was I doing at 12? I'm sure it wasn't anything of consequence. What was your inspiration for this song, and how old were you when you recorded it? You sound very young on the recording. I believe this song would do well in today's market. One more question please. Tommy Mottola has written a book called "Hitmaker: The man and his music." Did you have any dealings with him, and do you feel the book is worth reading? Thank you for time. Pj
  16. Hey Eric! Joan Jett references the white '68 gibson melody maker that you sold her as her "#1 baby". I understand that you had two Humbucker pickups and a custom pick guard installed. My two questions: What were the Humbucker models for the bridge and the neck? What did the custom pick guard involve? Thanks.
  18. Hey Eric! What's new these days?
  19. Eric, I was wondering if you listened to the new Beach Boys CD and if it kindled any flames for one of your own?
  20. Eric, I have been asked recently by a producer-song-writer to do some song-writing with him....we spent 5 hours together yesterday and got a few interesting ideas down... do you stubbornly work your way through ideas (till you have a finished product) and actually finish what you started or do you trash ideas that do not seem to have enough potential? A
  21. Some time ago I found some information online suggesting that you had been working together with drummer Joe Franco (Good Rats, Twisted Sister, Widowmaker, studio musician). I had never heard of this before so I contacted Joe about it. Joe confirmed that he had been playing on one song with you but he didn't remember much about it. He didn't remember the song title and he didn'tknow if the song ever had been officially released. What he did remember was that this was probably in the early nineties and he also said that the record label involved was Arista. Could you sort this out for me and all our other fans.
  22. Eric, When I first started playing guitar and piano, I could hear patterns that were "standards" ...I always thought that the chorus on this one was simply "pianoman" all over again... A few days ago, I started to sing this song as I was doing some renovations, and when I was done, I sat at the piano and tried to play it...2 hours later I came up with the progression to the singing parts (haven't worked out the middle 8 solo part) Eric, absolutely awesome chord structure, the way you created a wonderful walk through the park of chords!!! Using bass notes other than the root ...even a "G" bass over an A7 ....not something you think would work...but it sure does! At least to my ears (as I do everything by ear) it seems quite unorthodox... Here is what I "think" the structure may be...there may be one or two not right, but the ones I am really not sure of are the two final chords of the chorus over "Nothing to Fear". It almost sounds like your melody notes are not in the chords...??? Verse: A - A/B - E/G# - A7/G - D/F# - Dm6/F - A/E (repeat, though last chord 2nd time round is - E) Chorus: A- D/G# - F#m - A/E - D - A/C# - Bm7 - E7 Bridge (There's a knock...is that a bridge?) This part is SPECTACULAR!...I was actually freaking hen I figured out the run here...Brian Wilson great! D - B/Eb - E - Fdim - F#m - F#m7 - B7/C# - Dm6/D - C#m - F#m - B7/Eb? - E7 Just brilliant, brilliant, brilliant... Bahoo-hah!
  23. ...these feelings, so well expressed by Elton John! So well performed by Justin Timberlake!!!
  24. Eric, have you already heard the album of The Beach Boys "SMILE"? How do you feel? It will be put on the market in Japan tomorrow.
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